Error installing Home Assistant on Green

My router firmware is up to date. The error with installation has been the same for all 3 devices. The issues with the reset are specific to the Green.

I don’t have another PC other than the one that I used for the ping in my previous reply but pinging from my iPhone results in the below:

Just disabled DMZ.

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Just noticed there are other issues related to this so wanted to note that I’m using at Netgear Nighthawk R6700v2 router.

Long shot, but the Lan setup page from your post shows the subnet mask as, while all other screens show

Would I want to keep my IP from ISP as dynamic or should I set it to static so I can change it to Or should I just change my LAN setup to to match the dynamically provided IP subnet mask from my ISP?

You should not change those settings.

The public subnet mask just means your ISP has a larger pool of addresses they can assign to their customers (508 addresses) than the pool of address you have specified you can use on your internal network (254). These are not related to each other in any way and are different IP ranges.

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My bad. I really should let the coffee kick in before posting.

@clf139 please ignore my uncaffeinated advice.

Any suggestions for further troubleshooting steps or how to proceed?

The reset of the green and the installation on the other devices are likely related to the same issue. A reset of the green requires a connection to the internet. It needs to be able to reach out and resolve the same addresses in order to download what is needed. This is the same for installation on the other devices.

Try changing to something other than google dns like cloudflare’s or quad9’s and rebooting the router, then powering on the Green and observing again?

I set as the primary and as the secondary DNS, rebooted the router, powered on the green, and get the error in the image below. I don’t understand what could be causing this. Any other suggestions?

What is your MTU setting on your router. (under the WAN settings)

1500 see image below

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Dangit, it’s not that… Ok.

Now CLI won’t even start if I try to boot without the recovery SD card.

Is there a cache or something I need to clear on my router and/or Green?

Is the time and date set correctly on your router?

yes see below. Is there a different NTP server I should use?

What you have for your NTP server is fine if the time and date are correct.

Incorrect system time can prevent SSL working.

This does not appear to be your issue.

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I did a factory reset of my router because I was running into issues with other devices. As you can see, it’s changed the IP schema entirely which is interesting. Do I need to change any of the settings in the screenshots below? So far all I’ve done is assign the static IP for the Green. Do I need to assign a static route as well? Should I keep the DNS as the default or try some of the other ones we previously tried?

Do you have any devices on your netowk that you assigned a static IP address to in the old IP range (

If so you should probably go back to using for your local DHCP server.

If not than it does not matter.

We’ve pretty much ruled out DNS as your issue. So whether you use your ISP’s DNS servers or Cloudflare/Quad9 is up to you.