Error on HA-App android? system_log/write

I have upgrade my samsung S22-ultra to the latest patch level.
around the same time the Ha-instance is updated to 2023.9

I get a small notification at the left bottom “Can’t call service System_log/write”

So I can’t trace back which is at fault at this moment.

Is it my phone.
is it ha-update
or is it due to the ha update and sidebar-card is not working properly anymore.

I do not have any issues using my dashboards so far.

Anyone can give a glimps and tell me i screwed up? :smiley:

2023-09-09 15:30:14.111 ERROR (MainThread) [frontend.js.latest.202309080] Uncaught error from Chrome WebView on Android 13
TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'shadowRoot')
getHeaderHeightPx (/hacsfiles/sidebar-card/sidebar-card.js:18635:23)
SidebarCard.updateSidebarSize (/hacsfiles/sidebar-card/sidebar-card.js:18048:30)

this is a custom card error, report it to the custom card

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@safritjuh88 - did you figure this out? I also started to get this error a few days ago and I’ve noticed that my sensors (location, etc) are not being updated from my phone (Pixel 7 Pro), due to this error. I also noticed this error only occurs when the phone has been sitting for awhile… once you wake the phone and re-open the HA app (running in background) the error is presented.

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I was nog able to reproduce the problem in a consistent way.

I did not notice any delays nor update failures of my sensors so far. On my part it seems to be a plugin in the card on the frontend which was/is not working.

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Which plugin? I’m still trying to figure out if that’s my cause too.

I’ve also just started experiencing this error on 2023.9.2 but have yet been able to track down what is causing it. It only occurs on Android when opening from recents if the client has disconnected. If I swipe away HA from recents and launch app, no error. Couldn’t replicate on desktop browser. Nothing is logged in HA log and remote debugging of the android webview didn’t yield anything helpful.

Exact same for me. If the app stays open in the background I get the error when I return 5+ mins later. If I force close the app, the sensors will update in background with no issues and when I open the app later no error, no issues.

I too have uninstalled 50% of my HACS integrations trying to figure out what may be causing it.
So far all I have left running is:

  1. button-card
  2. Config template card
  3. Mushroom
  4. card-mod
  5. mini-graph-card
  6. ios Dark Mode theme

All of these are pretty common integrations, so I would doubt they are it… but I will try to uninstall them to verify.

Are you running any of these?

I’d hold off doing too much on your side for the moment as there is an issue open on the frontend repo relating to this and I believe we’ll have a fix at some point in the near future.

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Thanks for the info. I added my info and I’ll wait to see.

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There is another thread regarding this issue