ErrorCode.E_NO_ERROR - really an error?


I have set up XKNX debug log and I discovered in many entries this kind of error (nearly with every incoming telegram). Is this really an error?

2021-08-10 06:31:04 DEBUG (MainThread) [xknx.knx] Received: <KNXIPFrame <KNXIPHeader HeaderLength="6" ProtocolVersion="16" KNXIPServiceType="CONNECTIONSTATE_RESPONSE" Reserve="0" TotalLength="8" /> body="<ConnectionStateResponse CommunicationChannelID="86" status_code="ErrorCode.E_NO_ERROR" />" />

No, as the name says it’s “NO_ERROR” (error code 0x00)

Yes I know. But it sounds to me quite weird :slight_smile:

Well, that’s KNX 🤷