Errors. Updated to Home Assistant 0.105.2

Hello guys.
Just updated to Home Assistant 0.105.2. Now device trackers arent showing and the pictured errors are present.
Full system reboot done.
Cleared database.
Config worked perfectly fine for many months.

Any ideas? Will take a deeper look when I can.

zones are now moved into a seperate configuration, that might be the cause. Ios sound like an old version to me. Doesn’t that work out of the box these days? (althoug i see i also have ios: & mobile_app:) so that might not be it. (just upgrade just now too, no issues though)

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Still digging.
I’m not using https (as I use VPN to access my HA). So this may be part of the issue.
May roll back if to another snapshot if I cant figure it out…

im having the same issue with device_tracker.

i somehow lost track, what to set up since mikrotik got an own hub, but i managed to get it working back then, but now no cobination of mikrtoik settings + device tracker settings seems to work.

please help, if only one could show me a full example of what to type regarding the “device_tracker” in the configuration file when using mikrotik

this is my current configuration:

  - name: Mikrotik
    username: MY_USER
    password: MY_PW
    detection_time: 30


i have now plenty mac adresses from all my iot devices in my history, but i dont want to track them all. where can i define which one to track, its not representing the devices in the known_devices.yaml, also i should not work with this, because its deprected, right ? but where the hell are this devices “stored” then … oh god this became so confusing, since a while, please help me