Esp relay with no-neutral?

Can’t find (in stock) relay that can work without neutral. Interested in wifi devices only. I see shelly had one model that is out of stock now and can’t find nothing else. Must fit in wall fixture.

That depends where you live.

like this?


Or this?

I think yours is ZigBee

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yes you are right :wink: my mistake

quick search on Aliexpress…there is plenty :wink:

wifi 1 gang no neutral

thanks, these are switches. I need relay :slight_smile:

found video showing that shelly mini can be wired like this, but their own documentation is kinda cryptic, so not 100% sure.

Only Shelly 1L and Dimmer 2 work without neutral. So no none of the minis work without neutral. Try Aliexpress; they have relays

the video below shows what I mean . Also shelly’s own web site says the relays support “dry” or “no potential” set-up but don’t show example in the wiring docs.

it is referring to the relay being “dry” i.e. the contacts are not connected and can switch any voltage up to the specification. The device needs L+N to operate

Edit: the wiring diagram you have posted is for the Shelly Plus 1

Edit2: How To Install A Shelly Without Neutral Wiring — Smart Home Shop UK

and requires neutral actually … oof

as i posted before

Only Shelly 1L and Dimmer 2 work without neutral

There’s this one, you can use sonoff diy mode to flash esphome

This one requires serial flashing

Yes, the glass face that you press to control the lights, thats the “switch” and that switch is used to togge an internal relay just like how 99% of all smart switches work. It also tells you this right at the top of the specs for that “switch”.

Ive seen exactly what your doing many times over the years and i am guilty of it myselfin the beginning. You’re in such a rush to start setting things up, you want your smart home yesterday! It’s also exciting for most people and theres no time for reading specs or product documentation, that stuff is boring and its slowing you down.

This is the time you need to STOP! You need to think your smart home through and past right now, this minute! You need to think longer term and you definitely should avoid running around like a madman and buying stuff just becauss someone else told you to. Also, just a little bit of research on your part, you would have found out that Shelly discontinued the 1L, its not out of stock. Seeing how they wont be making them anymore, you probably dont want to buy any that are still floating around. This is part of the reason behind planning things out. The Shelly 1l had issues and had a substantialy lower cutrent rating than a normal Shelly making it not suitable or capable of the needs you might have. Speking of which, how much current do you need to switch with this device? Are you checking to see if these candidates can handle the load you have? This is part of planning too.

You seem like you have little understanding of mains electricity or understanding a simple Shelly wring diagram or even noticing you are looking at a diagram for the wring switch or the basics of how any of these switches work by toggling a relay. It also seems like you dont bother reading product specs or docs, which isnt doing you any favors. Playing with mains 120-240v needs to be done with respect and safety as your now risking yours and possibly others lives by making mistakes or cutting corners. No offense but, you should probably just hire someone. I have a lot of switches at my home where they just ran a hot switch leg to the wall switch and its been a pain in my a** too without a neutral there. Look into hiring an electrician or at the very least make sure you have fire insurance where you live…

BUT it is just like Christmas morning all over again…

My title says in plain English relay and you have the guts to write this long dismissive post.

I agree and i would have told my future self to stfu! Full steam ahead!! Ive wasted tons of money, tons of time and been the cause of so many problems and its all from not properly planning and being impatient. Throwing this switch in one wall and a different type in the next room or buying some cheap no name stuff because delivery was faster. Not planning ahead and catching the obvious and unavoidable problems that go with using wifi as your main protocol and causing network wide lag and disconnects. I could keep going but i think you get the point. If you haphazardly build your smart home, your going to be slapped in the face one day with the reality that you also created a freaking nightmare for yourself.

So correct… in the words of our great literary hero,

“Hope for the best, but plan for the worst”

Edit: or just plan plan plan plan

Yes, and you also said “no neutral” and preferably wifi, implying you are talking about an in-wall smart switch. You’re also conflating words here and not using them right. Switches are used to open/close a circuit or turn something on/off. That something you switch could be a relay because relays need a switch to close which allows current to flow to the electromagnet which in-turn is how how you switch the relay on/off or open/closed. A relay by itself isn’t very useful without a switch to control it, just like what the wall switch does. The argument your making is like saying you just need an engine, not a car!

While most, if not all of your warnings are adequate, it rubs me the wrong way how many things are projected or assumed about how I’m doing it. It’s a pity, as there are many valid points and other things I’ve learned myself the hard way.

Anyhow, back to the point — I still need non-crappy no-neutral wifi esp relay. Very low load, so even the discontinued shelly wouldnt’ve been a problem, was it still on the market.