ESP32 HLK-LD2410 ABE4 slow reaction high latency


I have an ESP32 working as bluetooth proxy and hooked up an HLK-LD2410 ABE4 as motion sensor. I bought this one: (complete kit).

When I move into range the little light on the board turns on immediately. Within Home Assistant the reaction time is about 3-4s slower, meaing the lights turn on almost 5s after entering the room, thats pretty slow in my case. Is there a way to improve the speed? thanks!

Do you run HA on a Pi or similar with direct Bluetooth capabilities? Then you could testwise connect the motion sensor to the pi and see if that speeds things up, to narrow down where the delay happens.

That was my plan in the first place but when I tried that the log said, there was no connection available, indicating, I should connect via Bluetooth proxy. I posted this here but got no reply HLK-LD2410 bleak error no free connection slots
Meanwhile I fixed it with said proxy but now the connection seems to be very slow…

There is a long thread about those devices here. LD2410 esphome tips