ESP32: Unable to Reconnect to Wifi

I’ve turned off my main breaker for maintenance. After powering everything back up in the house, one of the ESP32 is unable to reconnect to the wifi. I have tried restarting esphome addpon in HA and unplug/plug the esp32 device. Still unable to reconnect.

That won’t do anything to the esp32, the addon doesn’t even need to be running except to compile and install firmware.

Can you physically attach the esp32 to your esphome machine* and see the logs when it is booting?

  • or some opther PC with a serial terminal

Can you physically attach the esp32 to your esphome machine* and see the logs when it is booting?

It will be a pain. I was hoping there was an easier way. The esp is mounted in the corner of bed with loads of wires attached it it. So this will be the only way. Plug the esp directly to a pc and reflash?

You shouldn’t really need to reflash. But I think the only way to see the log will be via a physical connection. What about taking a laptop to the bed and plugging in via a usb cable?

I don’t have a laptop. Nothing was wrong with the esp32 prior to the power off.

A very long cable then :slight_smile:

You could try rebooting the esp a few more times.

the esp32 device itself? Reboot as in unplug/plug back in the power socket?

Ok. I did it a few times already. Maybe this time I will leave it off for a few minutes longer.

yes that is what I meant :slight_smile:

Just a side note, HA does not see the esp32 offline. It shows it online but with settings from the time I shutdown.

Nevermind. It was a cache thing. Refresh browser and few times and now it is red line. No more green.

Can you ping the esp32 from another computer?

No. unreachable. Router does not see it either.

turn it off, turn it on. If it doesn’t connect then you need to see the logs, and if the wifi isn’t connected the only way to see the log is via a cable.

Actually hold that thought, it might have started up before your access point was ready, and if configured with the right components it will have started in access point mode with captive portal.

Is there a random access point sprung up?

Is there a random access point sprung up?

Reading that again, I am not sure what I am looking for in router now.

This is my partial conf file.

# ESP32 NodeMCU
  name: bed_sensor
  platform: ESP32
  board: nodemcu-32s

  ssid: 'rice_dwarf'
  password: !secret ssid_pass
    ssid: covid-19
    password: ''
# Fallback portal 
# Logging

from a wifi device (eg your phone) do you see an access point named covid-19?

yes, I do.

Have you restarted the esp yet?

yes, I did and it is plug in

OK connect to the access point and then visit the captive portal web page :slight_smile: