ESP8266 MQTT power remote relay & I/O board

Still very much a work in progress,
But i have designed a MQTT power remote I/O board

Wemos D1 mini #IOT board currently under developmentWemos D1 mini is a Arduino compatible ESP8266 esp-12e based Wi-Fi enabled board the PCB will expose 6 i/o pins, + two i2c busses, in one of the following i/o configuration (using solder links on the board and fitting different components)
1.All 4 i/o from CPU direct to terminal block
2.2 input (opto isolated voltage input, or contact input)
2 output (relay with 230v separation on contacts) or open drain MOS FET for PWM
3.4 output into h-bridge driver,

version 2 will have 6 i/o

It has i2c at 3v3 , and optional level shift to 5v ic2, (two header so you can you both and same time) (the display in the video is on the 5v i2c)

Place for DHT 11 / 22 temp / humidity sensor , or DS18xx temp sensor

main Project here

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That is an interesting project. I would love to see the final project.