ESPHome add-on removed in HA 2024.6

After upgrading to 2024.6.x I get this error:

Add-on ESPHome has been removed from the repository it was installed from. This means it will not get updates, and backups may not be restored correctly as the supervisor may not be able to build/download the resources required.

Clicking submit will uninstall this deprecated add-on. Alternatively, you can check Home Assistant help and the community forum for alternatives to migrate to.

I have several devices using ESPHome and more to come.
What can I do?

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That error pops up a lot since 2024.6, for a lot of different add-ons. For the moment I just ignore it.

Maybe an over agressive filter in pihole or adguard? I have not gotten those warnings.

Or did you perhaps have the ancient community version from HACS installed, instead of the core official one?

It never was on HACS.

Thanks for answer.
I have nextDNS which, indeed, has adguard table inside.
I can white list what I need, but what should be the one for esphome?

Where is the core official esphome? Maybe I miss something on my install (it is a VEEEERY OLD install

There used to be a community addon, this post is where it shows how to get the official one, it also lists where it is. So check if you have the community one:

I experienced the same issue after updating to version 2024.6.1. I encountered an authentication error when attempting to perform OTA updates on all ESP32 and ESP8266 devices. It is unclear if this is a bug in the latest version. I have currently reverted to version 2024.5.5 until a solution is identified.

No there did not. There have never been add-ons in HACS.

I’m in the same boat. As near as I can tell my ESPHome looks like an official integration. That said, I think I installed it as an add on prior to the HA acquisition of ESPHome.

Apparently the issue is the original ESPHome add on is deprecated, not the integration. I seem to remember hearing something about this, but until this in-your-face repair showed up, I didn’t bother to mess with my ESPHome install.

This thread seems to be relevant:

I have a pretty significant investment in ESPHome devices. I’m concerned that migrating from the old to new add-on hasn’t been clear (or not to me anyway).

I’m going to do a full backup, then try pressing the Submit button to uninstall the deprecated add-on. Hopefully that’s all there is to it…

I pressed the Submit button, and it cleared the Repair notification, but it didn’t really do anything. So I went to the old deprecated ESPHome add-on and uninstalled it. At that point I could still see the ESPHome integration, but the ESPHome sidebar item was gone.

Then I went to the official add-on store and installed ESPHome. After it installed I made some minor config changes (like enabling the watchdog and sidebar access), then I started the add-on.

Everything seems to have worked. The ESPHome integrations are unchanged, and I can access ESPHome from the sidebar like before. The UI seems to have had a slight update (or maybe just the logo).

One difference after updating is that I’m being offered updates for nearly all of my ESP devices. I’m not going to be doing these updates today, but I guess it’s good now that I’m up to date and seeing these notifications.

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What version of esphome was installed previously? The version of esphome installed on the esp device is shown in the logs.

Unfortunately I see an error now when I try to wirelessly log any device:

  'ota' requires a 'platform' key but it was not specified.

I guess my device configs are old and this is required now. Something else to figure out…

I added the new required line to one of my configs (the platform line):

  platform: esphome
  password: !secret doorbell-chime_ota_password

Now I can access the log wirelessly. Here’s the version from one of my devices:

[06:53:14][I][app:102]: ESPHome version 2022.3.1 compiled on Sep  3 2022, 16:15:40

Just an FYI to anyone else seeking to update, I’m seeing the requirement of lots of fiddly changes in my configs. There have been a number of breaking changes in the past couple of years since version 2022.3.1.

If you are moving from a very old version to the latest, be ready to make config changes for your devices.

So far the changes have not been difficult. But if you have lots of devices then fully updating to the new version might take time.

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You clearly missed the changelog announcing the new repo for the addon repo.

Apparently. I always look for breaking changes before upgrading HA, and somehow missed this.

But the reality is that I’ve pushed off updating ESPHome for quite a while. So there have been a bunch of changes that have built up over time. Not a surprise…

To be clear, I’m not complaining. Just trying to provide some info to other folks like me that have some catching up to do in the ESPHome department.


Thanks for following up with the details. I could see being in similar shoes of getting an old install up to date.

On one hand I’ve been bitten by updating everything immediately, and on the other I worry that waiting too long and I’ll miss a breaking change.

You weren’t the only one who missed the change in repositories for the esphome addon. Glad you got it now :slight_smile:


Oh man, I missed this also. Got it updated now.

Just grab the new updated add-on, it has a new icon also

This is for anyone strolling through who also hasn’t had a coffee yet and is confused.