Esphome fingerprint scanner

i’m trying to integrate my finger print scanner with esphome. fingerprint_grow component and fingerprint_grow platform not found errors are coming. How do i fix this? please help.



The GROW Fingerprint module was added to ESPHome in November 2020, and available in early Spring 2021. What is your release version of ESPHome?

I had trouble with every fingerprint reader I attempted to use, UNTIL I used the exact same ESP8266 pin assignments as the original author.

# setup UART after WIFI
  baud_rate: 57600
  tx_pin: D0
  rx_pin: D1

# Declare Grow Fingerprint Reader
  password: 0x12345678
  sensing_pin: D2

Tell us what software you are using (incl versions) yaml and logs.

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Thanks for the support. error screenshot attached.


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What version of esphome?

upgraded to latest version. i’m using as608 finger scanner. the pinouts are below.

which is the pin for fingerprint_grow sensing?

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Latest is not a version.

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Sorry, Current version: 2021.8.0

Is that a grow sensor? I think not.

TCH == TOUCH == sense signal

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