ESPhome - how to use the HLK-LD2410S?

Hey Guys,

is anyone using the HLK-LD2410S in ESPhome?
I am really keen on using it, as it runs with 3,3V and ~0,1mA, which means it can be driven with an GPIO.

It seems the LD2410 Configuration can’t be used: HLK-LD2410S - UART Respones not as expected and sensors UNKNOWN

Would love to get some of them, but of course i need to be able to use them as well :wink:

Using 3 of them.
You don’t use GPIOs though, but UART. You can use 3.3v, indeed, though.

Not sure why you picked that random topic.
There is a dedicated one here:

The Thread you refer to is about the LD2410, I am talking about the LD2410S :smile:

If searching for it in that Thread, there is only one Hit, and this is for the Plural of LD2410…ehm LD2410s :smile:

I guess that the misunderstanding - or I am totally blind? :face_with_monocle: If so, I am really sorry, bout could you give me a hint where thats buried? Seriously, I couldn’t find anything.

All the LD2410 are the same. The suffix only pertains to the form factor (square or rectangular)

The LD2410 operates at 5-12V, the LD2410S at 3,3V.
So clearly not only a different Form Factor.
It seems the LD2410S uses baudrate 115200 and a different protocol than LD2410.

Maybe those Informations are wrong, but are you sure you are driving your LD2410 with 3,3V? Having multiple 2410 as well, and when i tried it that didnt work for me.

Or do you really operate one LD2410S (not multiple LD2410s :smiley:), using the Standard Component for the LD2410? If so, do you drive it with an GPIO (sure, Data through UART)? That would indeed great News!

Ah, right. I was confused with the B & C models.
I actually have no clue about the S.

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Thanks anyway for your willing to assist, appreciate it!

Then - back to Start, lets see if someone is actually using it :slight_smile: