ESPHome + Waveshare 2.9inv2 e-ink display + partial refresh = flicker/artifacts?

Hi, I have tried this display on a Wemos D1 Mini Esp32. It works fine as long as I set it to full refresh every x seconds. If I try partial refresh the screen flickers with noise and the resulting image is garbage with missing pixels. As I want to use it for a generic info display where there is not a lot of change (temperatures, humidity, etc.) this is not a very big deal as I can set the full refresh to 10min or even longer. But still annoying to see the screen flash when it is performed…
Any ideas how to remediate this?

Do you have any update on this issue? I just got this display and I’m facing the same problem.
Setting full_update_every to anything higher than 1 produces noise.

Nope, the display currently gathers dust in the drawer… I have to reactivate it sometimes. There were several updates to ESPhome in the meantime, disappointing to hear that you are still facing the issue

I found to open issues on this topic:

But apparently no one is able to fix this. I think at least the documentation (Waveshare E-Paper Display — ESPHome) should be updated and the 2.9inv2 should be removed from the ‘full_update_every’ option as long as it is not working.

Hey everyone, do i get this right that as long as I want to stick to esphome, the only way to run an e-ink display is (at least at the moment) to have the whole screen “blink”/flash everytime I want to update anything on the screen? At least when I need a decent screen size, as the only other screen that supports partial refresh (and doesn’t cost a fortune) is the 1.54 inch version from what I found when comparing supported screens (Waveshare E-Paper Display — ESPHome) with available models that support partial refresh (“Selection guide” at the bottom of 200x200, 1.54inch E-Ink display module, SPI interface | HINK-E0154A05 WFC0000CZ07).

Well, let’s hope the fix gets finally published soon :-/

I’ve had the same issue. @Lakini I don’t know of a way to make it partial refresh in home assistant. I’m just going to use a full refresh and slow down the refresh rate of my display (maybe every 45-60s) and see how long it lasts.