I am a noob in Domotics & HA and in a couple of months I have created some projects (ESP32 bluetooth-proxy, DHT11 sensors, zigbeetoMqtt…)
Now I am trying this project for my Somfy rolling code Shades:

Thank you all for your time developing all those projects and doing my Life easier.

Good luck. It really is pretty easy to get going. If you have RTS motors this is the way to go.

Thanks for your answer and your time.
I have a problem with the Homeassistant integration. When the device is discovered in my HA, I click to configure and after I fill in the host, username and password and PIN, I get this message back:
“Do you want to add ESPSomfyRTS with server id 4CFCA0 to Home Assistant? Invalid Flow specified”. I have the last firmware version and Hassio running.
Sorry for disturbing with this nonsense.

Please restart HA after installing the integration.

Sorry but I restarted HA before writing you. Many times. I have even uninstalled and installed a previous versión (2.1.6) without effect. I am running again the newest version right now (2.1.8). I cannot see any log in HA. I can access the RTS host in my server and I can control my shades correctly.
Should I add any line in my configuración.yaml that can help? Sorry again for stealing your time but I thought I could integrate it in HA as everybody do. I Will use my host RTS SOMFY because your Job is amazing. Thanks for your time

Invalid flow specified isn’t much to go on. However, I suspect that this may have something to do with the translations. Can you set your system to English for the install then change it back. If this works let me know and I will mess with the language extensions. Also, it looks like it is resolving via zeroConf so it should not need the address changed.

No sorry. It doesnt work

That is weird. Try this go to the HACS store and install the main repository. Click on the 3 dots on the upper right and select redownload, then select main from the dropdown. Then hit download.

Nothing. My RTS host is
Does it need to be a secure one (https)?

No in fact you shouldn’t need to change anything when it is discovered. Simply press submit. Also you do not want the http:// just the ip address.

the host address is automatically discovered as you said. But I recognize that I have tried everything

I finally got it!!!
I ignored the autodetected-ESPSomfy device and I added it manually in integrations as a New device. It works perfect. I dont know why it only happened to me but I tell you if it happens to someone else.
Sorry for wasting your time. Thanks a lot

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Hello @rstrouse Can I buy a complete set for the somfy the hadware kit and programmed?
I am not that wizzkid that can do these things but I like to use it for my Somfy RTS sunscreen

Thanks and greetings,


@Activate I don’t sell any kits but all the parts are readily available. It may look technical and I have written a lot of words but the assembly and setup are really easy. There are no special technical skills required. The hardest part is simply waiting on the parts to arrive. If you need help post an issue on the repo and we’ll get you over any hurdles you find.

It is really easy. I am not electrician nor programmer. Just follow the instructions in rtrouse repository. In less than 30 minutes you can get your RTS rolling-code working. It is the most amazing application I have seen. Get the pieces in AliExpress.


Bought the parts lets try!

Received the parts build it together and build in a cigarette box and programmed it for my Somfy Sunscreen!

Now lets integrate it in HA.


See now you are a wizkid!

Yes I am ahum…:star_struck: :kissing_closed_eyes:

Another qeustion, I am trying to install the Somfy but it is asking for a Hub?
I only have a remote control?