Establish difference a/c units with same remote, so they don't activate at the same time with a command

I have 3 air conditioners, but they use the same remote control model, how can I establish difference so they don’t activate at the same time with a command

I only used the remote for connecting mine to the WiFi. Then there is this nice integration on HACS for Panasonic Airconditioner, works perfect for it. Now they all work within Home Assistant, which sets them up automatically as separate entities.

What version of Home Assistant do you run?

What brand/model are they ?

The best is to integrate them into HA and pilot them using the HA interface and not via the physical remote control specially if they are close to each other…

Are they in the same space so an ir signal activates them all?

That would be indeed a bit weird to have three AC’s in one room :thinking:

Anyway if it is a Midea brand, this might be of interest?

Unless it’s a warehouse style apartment or something.