EU powerstrip with Energy Monitoring

There are a lot of powerstrips out there that are Wifi connected, but I cannot find much information if they are supported by Home Assistant.

I am looking for a powerstrip to handle my tv and devices there individually. I would like to monitor energy usage and it either use Zigbee (preferred) or Wifi.

I saw some older topics about flashing devices. I would rather not go that route and something that works ‘out of the box’. Should also be local and not require the cloud to control.

Any ideas are welcome.


Looking for the exact same thing. I can find a hihome power strip, but doesn’t seem to be supported. All tuya devices seem to have a consumption power strip instead of socket.

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I have the hihome powerstrip which I’ve been able to add to HA with the Local Tuya integration. The strip doesn’t measure per plug but the total usage.

did anybody find something?