Eufy Camera Integration

You are supposed to use snooze service to set these values

Oh how stupid, I must have missed that service explained on Github.

Just set this up using the snooze service perfectly. Thank you so much!

Is there a technical reason for the maximum amount of seconds to only be 1,000?

This is around 16 minutes and 40 seconds, but I was hoping to set this to a longer period.

I can always amend my automation to re-call the service after that period if not. Thanks for your help!


Has anyone noticed that the Snooze service is no longer working?

This worked fine for me a fortnight ago but I’ve noticed it’s no longer working. My automation has stopped triggering the snooze and this doesn’t seem to be working via Developer Tools > Services either.

I’ve tried with a wireless doorbell, a 2C Camera and an Indoor Cam Pan&Tilt.



Does anybody know if it is possible to set up my Eufycam 2 pro to start recording as soon as my doorbell starts recording. And to save this recording on the homebase?

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Built in the eufy homebase 2, click security and then automations

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Thank you! I found it.

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Fuatakgun just released 8.0.1 which repairs the config flow.


Hi @bropat not sure if I’m a little late to the party but have just become the proud father of a dual cam doorbell E340. I really want to get my google hubs to stream my doorbell on ring. I’m happy to help with any projects you may have. I’m technical but not in a programming sense so may need a bit more guidance.