Eufy Camera Integration

Looks like Eufy is preparing to release a doorbell camera:

Looks pretty compelling and I’m interested, but looks like the Eufy component is currently limited to just bulbs and switches. Wondering if it’s possible to add the cameras/doorbell control like Skybell/Ring have.

Adding on to this, someone has reverse engineered most of the API:

Anybody able to take this and get it into HASS?


I have a eufy doorbell installed anyway I can contribute testing etc let me know

I’m also interested by this integration !

Anything on this? I’d love to be able to flip modes on the doorbell from Home to Away based on preference

No, nobody has done anything yet other than finding the API.

I’m pretty keen for this camera, looks like it really gets the spot.

I wonder how we can drive up some interest…

i have both the camera’s and doorbell and am happy to test, we should chase down whoever did the initial integration

Hey @mjg59 it looks like you’ve recently done a bit of work on the Eufy component. Any idea what might need to happen to get integration with the Doorbell and cameras?

This door bell is quite nice looking forward to Home Assistant integration in the future!

Just adding my vote to this.
I am not good at the programming side, but open to work with testing if someone else is good with Python.

The challenge with this reverse-engineered API is that it isn’t clear whether the RTMP link for the camera feed lasts indefinitely (or disappears at some point). Additionally, I’m nervous about this smashing the batteries by an always-on stream.

The stream does appear to time out after about 3 minutes from my testing in vlc. But the image refresh is consistent so at worst it would be like the Skybell integration

The Eufy doorbell does not run on battery. It works directly on 24V.

i am mostly interested in the ability to set states and receive information vs stream video. some examples:

  • “snooze” alerts from specific camera’s and doorbell via a single HASS automation. (for when kids are outside playing or we are leaving the house)

  • schedule the light on the floodlight to go on and off with the rest of my outdoor lights

i am sure i am in a minority of putting these features ahead of video stream but their app does a good enough job to bring up video fast enough for me right now.

No, those features are something I would want too. Specifically the adjusting the security “mode” to disable the camera motion sensor when the door is opened. I hate getting a video of me leaving the house.

agreed! i already have the “leaving” automation built, i would love to just be able to add these into the mix.

Spot light cam as well now.

Created a Github repo for this. Complete Python newb but may try to flesh out the documentation of the API a bit and maybe take a stab at a library.

Edit: got flagged as this is a new account. Hopefully doesn’t get hidden again…


Thanks. I’ll give it a spin the next chance I have…