Eufy smart lock support

I’d love to see Eufy locks added to the existing eufy integration.

Their Smart Lock Touch is one of the only locks I’ve seen on the market so far that has the option to use fingerprints, pin codes AND a physical key. I’ve had my eye on this lock for a while and I know others in the sub reddit have expressed interest when I brought it up there too.

Check this topic: Eufy Security Integration

Respective custom integration:

Create issues in GitHub if you face any

Does the integration support their smart touch Lock with wifi? Ability to lock and unlock?

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Not currently. That’s what I’m proposing to add to the integration

Check this out -
Someone confirmed this hacs does support eufy security lock. They contacted the person who made the integration and they added the support for Eufy Smart Lock WiFi recently.

Let me know how it goes.

Nope, It doesn’t work. The EufySecurity Web requires captcha or 2FA. The original architect bropat of what FUATAKGUN built upon has the options in his code but it didn’t seem to transfer.

But it appears he is working on it…
Add captcha support to Add-on Login State · Issue #140 · fuatakgun/eufy_security · GitHub Add captcha support to Add-on Login State #140

Just to clarify, i am working on mandatory captcha problem. 2FA is something optional and i don’t want to spend time on it until integration reaches a good maturity level.

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It should be resolved now, please give it a try

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Just to make sure I’m understanding. Are you saying that the T8520 locks should work(ie lock and unlock from Home Assistant) now? I have this integration setup and can see the locks but have no way to see the correct status(Locked or unlocked) nor can I get them to lock or unlock via HA.


If it is in supported list page linked in Readme file of integration, yes, it should work.

If it is not supported, create a request to eufy-security-client repository.

If it is in the supported list and it is not working, create an issue under eufy_security repository

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I can confirm this works for me now! I am able to see the state of the device accurately and send lock and unlock commands.

I have been using this integration and works flawlessly from HA. But however when I pass the entity to HomeKit via the controller, I don’t see it on the Apple Home app.

Anyone managed to successfully view and manage the Eufy smart lock wifi on their Apple home app?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi , Im having the same issue , have you ever figure it out ?

Nope. Hopefully @anon63427907 can help with this.

I cannot be any helpful om homekit end, have zero experience on it and not an owner, so sorry

This is great news

Are you guys able to get the correct lock status (locked/unlocked) when you manually lock or unlock this lock (8510 with wifi bridge).
I get the correct status if I initiate the lock or unlock from home assistant, but home assistant does not seem to recognize when I manually lock or unlock the lock. I wanted to see if this is the behavior everyone else has before I uninstall and reinstall everything.

integration fully relies on push notification to get the latest status (and fetching the cloud updates regularly but with a delay).

Are you sure you had enabled push notifications to get these changes?

Hello Veetek,

To you and anyone else facing issue on adding lock to HomeKit - I found a temporary solution.
I added two scripts in HA for locking and unlocking and passed them on to HomeKit. Each script comes up as a switch in HomeKit.

Each time you turn the switch on, it performs the script which basically locks and unlocks.

I can’t recognise it’s a lock nor know the status but this way, I have it in HomeKit and when I leave the house, it turns the lock front door switch on which in turns locks the door. When I come home, it turns the unlock front door switch on which unlocks the door.

Odd but works!