Eufy X8 integration

Hi all, I have recently purchased a Eufy X8 vacuum with the intention of having this show also in HA. I did not do any research on this topic prior and stupidly thought if other Eufy vacs work then why not this one? I have followed the guides online in various places and my biggest hurdle right now is getting hold of my local token.
Using Bluestacks and the old version of the Eufy app doesnt work, it tells my I have to upgrade the app in order to use it for my device.
The up to date app doesnt offer the local token or device id any longer which is a pain.
I’ve thought about using Wireshark but not sure this information would be passed over the network.

Any suggestions on a workaround? I’ve also seen this link but there is no mention on HOW this was done.

Any help much appreciated.


I managed to get my keys using a python script.

It took a few attempts to actually get it working so you may find a better script elsewhere.

I also have a X8 but haven’t had time to try integrate it yet so any information on which integration you use and tips after getting the keys would be appreciated.