Eurom Heater


I’m tempted to buy this heater: “Eurom Wall Designheat 2000 WiFi”.

It seems like a likely candidate for home automation, but at the moment, there does not seem to be an integration for this device, so a few questions:

  • is there anyone with experiences with this heater?
  • if I were to buy this heater, I would perhaps like to use it to learn to build the integration for it. How would I go about this? Who wants to help?




Eurom also has other heaters that are wifi-enabled, so I was hoping to be able to build the platform, but I need some assistance in getting started…


Just had an extensive look at what @Danielhiversen did for Mill heaters, and realized I may be in way over my head… still would like to see support for Eurom devices in the future though (hint hint) :slight_smile:


The privacy policy on the Eurom app (Android) refers to Tuya Global, so perhaps the existing Home Assistant Tuya implementation can be used…


Have moved from third party integrations to feature requests, perhaps now I won’t be talking to myself anymore :slight_smile:


Ok, done talking to myself. Apparently indeed the Tuya implementation can be used, as per
Eurom E-convect WiFi and Tuya cloud polling.
This feature request can be closed.


I use a Eurom Heater and has been for a while now.
Got it automated to turn on at a specific time and turn off at another.
The problem is that after a couple of days it becomes unreachable, both from Home Assistant and the official Tuya app. A power cycle fixes the problem but it is really unreliable.
Now it could be a problem with the WiFi but I have no way of testing that until I switch out my old AP for a new Mesh.


Have installed the Eurom (=Tuya) heater. Adding it to Home Assistant was a piece of cake! Brilliant.
Heater itself is very noisy, not sure if it was damaged in transport or if it’s normal. Will have to get a second one to compare…


What model are you using? Maybe submit a picture?
Mine is dead silent :ok_hand:t2:


Eurom Wall Designheat 2000 WiFi


Ah that’s s beast haha, mine is a small convector heater :grinning: