Ewpe Smart / Cascade Bora Air conditioning


Hello All!

Your work is awesome! The last part of automation what is currently missing from my home is the component to control my Cascade Bora air conditioner. It has wifi support, and does communicate via a very terrible app called Ewpe Smart. (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gree.ewpesmart) Can somebody help me? :slight_smile:


@Kantor_Balazs Here’s the component I use. Developed by one smart guy


Hi! Great help! Can you show how did you get the unique key? Im stuck there :frowning:


I have extracted it from app’s database on my Android phone. It is similar to Xiaomi’s procedure, the only difference is that you need to look for the different app.


I would basically invite more people to make it an inbuilt integration to HA, since it covers many vendors and many models.
Those are:

  • Gree: Smart, U-CROWN series
  • Cooper&Hunter: Supreme, Vip Inverter, ICY II, Arctic, Alpha, Alpha NG, Veritas, Veritas NG series
  • EcoAir X series
  • Cascade
  • Inventor
    and many more.

With the help of qualified developers this may become a very useful component for many


This would be awesome! I’m a beginner in home assistant, but if I can i am more than happy to help!


I was unable to extract the database. I got to the point where it needed the .tar to be unzipped, but no data there :frowning:


I was able to capture the traffic from the android app.
I’ve got multiple keys. which one is the unique key?
I’ve got “appId”, “vc” ,“datVc”, token and etc…


Hello Amit!

How did you do that? Was the android phone rooted or not?



I did capture some packets too, but I have not found the unique key either :frowning: Keep looking :smiley:


You need to extract token. App sends the key and then device responds with it’s token. It was just easier for me to use rooted android phone and to get token from the Ewpe app database


I see that, but I dont have a rooted phone :frowning:


Search for “key”. not unique key.
I found it and it works.
In the “SSL Capture” app, search for the packet marked red.


When I search for key, the only string i found is: “scene_xxxxxxx” which is nothing like @ardeus 's screenshot.


Try to open the app and logout.
Then activate the “ssl packet”, switch to ewpe app and login again.


Finally, I did it! :slight_smile: Thanks @ardeus! I have installed a virtual android with Bluestacks, rooted that, and was finally able to get the key! Its working!


Here’s a reverse engineered protocol https://github.com/tomikaa87/gree-remote


Good news everyone. Here’s the properly working version of the component for the aircon https://github.com/srozb/HomeAssistant-GreeClimateComponent/ which doesn’t requires extracting the key (it can get it from the aircon)
Worth mentioning that it has one small bug that I hope will be fixed very soon, you need to be 100% sure that your aircon is onliine, otherwise HA may freeze and not show it’s web interface at all.