Exclude Two Switches from "switch.off all" Service Call

I have approximately 30 TP-Link switches installed throughout the house. An automation has been setup to turn off all switches at 1:00 am each day. I recently added two switches that control a series of exterior outlets. I’d like to exclude these two switches from the “switch.off all” service used in the automation. Is there anyway to do that?

If there isn’t a solution to exclude these two switches I feel I may be stuck creating a scene that includes all switches except the two in question. Would this be an appropriate solution? Are there any other ways to achieve what I desire?


It’s impossible to exclude entitues from existing groups in service calls.

Tbh I’m not aware about “switch.off all” service. But you can group all desítek switches in one group then call turn_off service against this group.

I don’t think there is a solution. I’ve tried the same thing. It simply does not work as we would expect it. I think it’s a shortcoming of HA, but that is just me.

Thanks for the quick replies. I thought that would be the case. I didn’t think about groups as I’m having trouble distinguishing between a group and an area. I have several areas setup with two, three or four switches assigned to each. How does an area differ from a group. Are they one and the same or are they two different entities. If the latter, how do I setup groups? Would I use a groups.yaml file with a reference to that file from the config.yaml file?

A little (more) Google searching has revealed what I needed to know about Areas and Groups. I think use of Groups will solve the problem.