The current documentation indicates a script will appear in the FrontEnd UI with an ACTIVATE button.

Scripts in the Overview panel will be displayed with an ACTIVATE button …

All examples I’ve seen in this forum show an ACTIVATE button.

So why does this super-simple script appear with an EXECUTE button?

In config/scripts.yaml:

    alias: Test 1
      service: light.turn_on
      entity_id: light.garage


I’m using Home Assistant version: 0.80. Was ACTIVATE replaced by EXECUTE in 0.80 or in a previous release? Or is there another explanation?

It certainly used to say Activate. Not sure when it changed. I had a look at github and could not find any reference to it changing in the history of /script.

You can always help keep the docs up to date.

I’m willing to pitch in but, before I do so, I need confirmation others are seeing the same thing. Being a novice Home Assistant user, there’s always the risk I’ve done something silly to get this result. Are you saying you’re seeing the same thing in your system?

On 81.2 mine all say execute not activate :slight_smile:

OK, I did some digging in the HomeAssistant-Polymer repo and found this in the translation table:

      "scene": {
        "activate": "Activate"
      "script": {
        "execute": "Execute"

It was a change made in PR #1119 back in … April!

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I see EXECUTE in 0.81.2

PR made to update this.

This needs updating but if anyone is unsure how to make simple updates like this, this is at least a guide to get you going.


Thanks for the helpful post. I had intended to update the docs but you beat me to it! I’ve read your tutorial and will be ready to pitch in faster the next time.

FWIW, this community forum needs either a “stickies” section, where instructive posts can be pinned, or have a Tutorial category. There’s a lot of gold buried here and it doesn’t always surface with the search function.

I agree with the comment re. searches. If I don’t find anything through the forum search, I normally re-do it in Google, ading site:community.home-assistant.io and I get much better results.

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Also you can bookmark posts you find helpful. press the … button at the bottom of the post then the vertical (not horizontal!) looking flag button.

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I’ve been a community member less than 3 weeks and have already collected 17 bookmarked posts (mostly about Jijna2).

In addition to my previous suggestion regarding a Tutorial category (something the moderators can easily create), I think it would be useful if the forum software listed the Top Ten bookmarked posts. Maybe it can already do that, I’m not up to speed on all of Discourse’s abilities.

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