Existing user doing a fresh install and only option is to to set up a new account

Hi guys I’m hoping to find a solution here I’m up against a big deadline and did not expect this. A quick run down.

I’ve been using HA at home for a little less than a year now. I love it so much that as an integrator I’ve decided to deploy it places where I feel it’s the right client. Anyways, over the past couple of months I’ve been testing it with clients. This job is ready to move out of the testing phase. So I was using a used HA Green which was still tied to a friend, and I decided to make a clean slate purchased a nice NUC and installed HA OS through the UBuntu process. Everything went great but now it’s stuck onboarding asking me to set up an account. How could there be no option for an existing client. I don’t have a plethora of email accounts to send it to and besides i’d be back at the same boat where an old user is still on the HA.

I understand about the backup but I just want to start fresh.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

So why does it need to be the same credentials?

I’m not sure I understand your request. HA is fully local, so logging in with an existing account (from a separate installation) on a totally new installation won’t magically populate the details.

The only way around it is to use the restore from backup option on the onboarding screen and upload whatever config you had on your previous install.

Also, there’s no requirement for email at onboarding stage, so not sure where the “plethora of email accounts” comes in.
However, if I’m missing something and you do need a bunch of email addresses, here’s a little trick you can use. This definitely works in gmail - not sure about other providers:
[email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] all point to the same base email account ([email protected]) in gmail.
You can use that to create as many accounts as you want and have all emails sent to the same account.

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Yeah, because that’s what clean start means. You start fresh with a new install - or you restore from backup? What was the expectation?

Ok. First of all let me apologize I tend to explain things sometimes as if the person already knows what I’m taking about when distressed. It had been a long day.

I had a friend who had a HA green that decided he didn’t have the time to use it. So I took it from him and told a client let’s put this in and see how you like it. We will make it pet project because I’m knew at programming it and there were lots of other factors. It was HA or Savant which I am a dealer for. So when I first went to set it up, my friends info was locked in there. I could not even change the name. Wouldn’t let me. Email yes, but it still had remnants of his house. When I looked up factory reset it required an sd card which I didnt have. So I went ahead and installed it anyways.

Fast forward to now we are going full force with HA. He loves it, I love it. I’m fairly deep into it with about 15 inovelli Z wave and hue integration but I was prepared to just wipe and redo onto a new processor and make sure no remnants of the old one were there. I have paid cloud account and all. I just wanted to make a new system under all that existing account info. With the emails I meant to set up new users and accounts but why do that?

Anyways, maybe there is a better way anyways to what I’m trying to do. If there is please let me know.

Thank you.

So the real issue is that you want to transfer the Nabu Casa account into your or your client’s name after starting with a fresh install.

Just cancel the subscription and start a new one in your or your client’s name. I doubt they will let you transfer it but you can always ask. They have a support contact page (you are paying for it so you get support).

No. That’s not a problem at all. You can simply disconnect and add to a new site. Ok I think there’s a better question here then.

If I back up from the Green, will that restore on an OS based unit?

If it does, how can I change the username? Because then I’ll just do it that way.


Go to Settings → System → People. Then click the Users tab at the top of the window.

You can select a user and rename them there.

No, you can change the display name, but the username you cannot. And that is the name you have to use to login with.

Edit: So I tried to see if I can add another user to delete that one but that one is called owner. So is there a way to switch the owner is the question.

You will have to delve into the .storage registry to do that. See: Change the HA owner

Awesome thank you Tom. I’m right there, one more step lol. So now I’m having trouble retrieving the backup. I did everything the document said. Even says I don’t need to use a USB. Network discovery is on. Both are on network. When I click restore from backup it flashes the old Home assistant in file explorer for a second then vanishes. I cant find the backup either using file editor.

Which document?

How to get the backup from the old system: https://www.home-assistant.io/common-tasks/supervised/#copying-your-backups-to-another-location

Are you restoring the backup to the new system during onboarding or after the system is up and running?

I’m trying to even get the backup file. I cannot change default location. I enabled samba it shows up in explorer but when I try to access it then it fails. Troubleshooting says i have correct settings but home assitant share is not responding. Log for samba add on says everything is good.

As per the instructions in the link I posted, you don’t need the SAMBA share addon.

Go to Settings → System → Backups. Click on the backup you want. Click the three dots icon at the bottom right of the pop-up and choose “Download backup”.

OMG. I was trying the 3 dots in the upper right. Could have solved this hours ago lol. Well, it says restore in progress. I’ll keep you posted!

This an epically bad idea if you are a vendor and you open yourself up to a lot of liability by giving a piece of equipment with credentials and data from another user.

Id wipe and reload fresh.