Expander | Accordion | Collapsible Card

I created/forked this Expander Accordion card because I frequently use it in my own Home Assistant user interface. The card allows various sections to be expanded and collapsed, providing a clean and organized display of information. Unfortunately, the original version of this card is no longer being maintained by the original author. Therefore, I decided to fork this project and continue its development. A heartfelt thank you to the original author @Alia5 for the fantastic project and inspiration!

If you need to add specific technical details or features of the card, feel free to let me know!


@paddy0174 here we go :slight_smile:

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Nice, I like it.

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i’ve been running the fork by " [spencermamer ] for awhile , well basically since he forked it from Alia5 (and Alia5 “abandoned/dropped” his)

Now “spencermamer” seems to have removed his from both github and HACS :open_mouth: :roll_eyes: … very odd “move”

Is this some kind of curse , which path you will “maintain” :laughing: ?

Anyhow im thankful, and will make the “transfer” coming days :+1:

Highly Appreciated

EDIT: Turned out “spencermamer” just Renamed his fork, so the url had changed in Github, and probably the same reason it’s “lost” in HACS .

However , i still already find more “trust” in your engagement :slight_smile:

Done, im in, change made already
Working just fine:

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Thanks for your work. I’m having a problem where the changes made to the cards are not being saved.
When I set them up they worked fine. But when I try to make changes, nothing

The cards are all basic entities cards

With some cards there is an issue when there is a inner yaml editor: see Card Mod Removed · Issue #180 · MelleD/lovelace-expander-card · GitHub

One workaorund is to use the yaml mode or create a bug and add more infos

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