Experience with flashing Tasmota on Sonoff Zigbee Bridge & devices, is it flawless? And how do those compare with Aqara Zigbee sensors?

Hi All,

What er the current experiences with flashing Tasmota in the Sonoff Zigbee ZBBridge and related Zigbee devices (sensors / power switches, etc)?

Is this working flawless or is it still in experimental / Beta stage?

And after flashing with Tasmota how well do those devices interdace with a HA platform?

And how do those compare with (the performance of) the family of Aqara Zigbee sensors?

I flashed Tastmota on all my Sonoff and it works flawlessly for my needs.
No network dropoffs and does what I tell them to, when I tell them to.

Tasmota definitely required a lot more reading of their documentation to work like I needed, but their document covers every question or feature I had.

For integration with HA; I used MQTT Autodiscovery to get that done.
It was a couple of flags on the Tasmota device and HA picks up my device well.

Great, good to know. Thank you. Did you flash on a Sonoff ZBBridge or on the relayed devices (sensors, etc)

I followed this guide for the flashing and HA setup.

Had no issues flashing Tasmota or the HA setup.

For now I have tried it with .



Moes plug


I have not experienced any dropout or any unusual behaviour so far and its been up and running for over a month.

I have not tried any Aqara sensors yet as I don’t own any. But I cannot see why they wouldn’t work?


I ran the pre-flashed CC2531 with Zigbee2MQTT alongside the Sonoff Zigbee Bridge with ZHA for a while with different devices connected to each before finally moving everything over to the Sonoff/ZHA.

They both work well and I did not experience any problems with either however Sonoff/ZHA is integrated natively and you do not need to edit any yaml or stop/start the service to add new devices. On my setup I was also able to eliminate the Zigbee2MQTT Docker container which is one less thing to have to manage and keep updated. However, perhaps the biggest advantage is that because the Sonoff is Zigbee>WiFi it can be located centrally for optimal coverage and is not tied to your HA hardware.

The only thing to bear in mind is that many of the Aqara switch modes (single click, double click, hold etc.) are treated as events in ZHA that act as triggers for your automations, whereas these are entities in Zigbee2MQTT. Some people might not like this but I think it makes sense as why would you want to clog up you entity list with binary_sensors which will never need displaying in the front end. You can press a device button while listening to ZHA_events in Developer Tools to work out the syntax for the various button presses.

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I also followed the tutorial from digiblur (https://www.digiblur.com/2020/07/how-to-use-sonoff-zigbee-bridge-with.html) and it went perfectly fine, every module works like a charm.

I flashed them manually using a FDTI USB cable for most of them.


It is only the Sonoff ZBBridge you flash with Tasmota…

Great, thank you all for the input. Very useful.

Are there any people with experience between the Zigbee sensors/sockets of Sonoff versus those of Aqara? This in terms of performance, reliability and battery usage?

I am going to buy the Sonoff ZBBridge and have to make a choice whether to buy the related Sonoff Zigbee sensors or go for the Aqara ones.

One more Q: both, the Sonoff RF Bridge (for 433 Mhz and Wifi devices) and Sonoff ZBbridge can be controlled by HA after the flash with Tasmota. Can both bridges then as well still be controlled via Ewelink App?
And if so, can rules be defined between devices which are connected to the different 2 bridges, e.g. can a Zigbee sensor (via the 2 bridges) send a trigger to a Sonoff power socket using 433 Mhz?

Once flashed with Tasmota, there is no control with the Ewelink app anymore.

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OK, thanks. You know a lot about all this business! :+1:t2:

And if you do not flash and you have a RF Bridge and a ZB Bridge on the same LAN do you expect that you see both bridges in Ewelink? And can devices shared over the 2 bridges. interact with each other?

I have 2 Rf Bridges, and 1 ZbBridge :slight_smile:
If you do not flash, both devices can be seen in Ewelink, and control each others devices.

OK, great.
Any special reason why you have 2 RF Bridges in your network? Is that because of the total number of 433 Mhz devices you operate?

There is a 60cm wall between the old part of the house and the new part (exterior wall of the old, exterior wall of the new part, with aluminum coated isolaton between) The 433 Mhz signal has problems penetrating that wall :slight_smile: With zigbee, it is less a problem, just 2 signal repeaters each side.

OK great. Thanks, that explains it :grin:

Is the mini USB port of the ZBBridge primarily for the power supply of the device or can it communicate ‘hard-wired’ as well via this to the USB port of a laptop/PC/NUC running HA?

The USB port is only to provide power to the device. It does not provide anything else.

OK, thanks. That is a pity. Then the connection between your HA platform (with all your automation) and the Sonoff ZBBridge (which is then mainly used for its Zigbee radio and pairing with the devices), is fully depending on the wifi connection of your local router.

If the wifi is not functioning well, is that recognized by HA?
For instance if HA sends a command for one of the Zigbee devices in your house (via the ZBBridge) and the local wifi connection is failing at that moment, is that recognized by HA and will it keep trying a few times to send the command to the particular Zigbee device?