Exposing entity states, entity attributes or time to KNX bus

I see quite a few people ask about exposing Home Assistant Entities to KNX. Assuming you have a working KNX integration, this is what I have done with a few examples:

  1. Add the following line into your config.yaml.
  expose: !include knx_expose.yaml
  1. Create a file expose.yaml in the same directory as your config.yaml file

  2. Use the following format.

You can test the exposure using ETS Group monitor (ETS5 in my case). For record keeping and maintenance purposes I have also added the new “expose” groups into ETS. Specify the correct KNX Data Point Types, especially for complex readings as below:


#---------------Smart Meter----------------------------------

- type: 'DPT-14.056'
  entity_id: sensor.smart_meter_electricity_power
  address: "7/0/0"

#---------------Tesla PowerWall------------------------------

- type: 'DPT-5.001'
  entity_id: sensor.home_energy_gateway_charge
  address: "7/2/0"

#---------------Solar Thermal C21 Resol----------------------  

- type: 'temperature'
  entity_id: sensor.temperature_sensor_1_2
  address: "7/1/0"

- type: 'temperature'
  entity_id: sensor.temperature_sensor_2_2
  address: "7/1/1"
- type: 'temperature'
  entity_id: sensor.temperature_sensor_3_2
  address: "7/1/2"

- type: 'temperature'
  entity_id: sensor.temperature_sensor_4_2
  address: "7/1/3"

- type: 'DPT-5.001'
  entity_id: sensor.pump_speed_relay_1_2
  address: "7/1/4"

- type: 'DPT-13.010'
  entity_id: sensor.heat_quantity_2
  address: "7/1/5"
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