External access without port

I’ve configured external access whit duckdns. So far so good.

But at work alternative ports are blocked. so I can’t connect to 8123, 443 etc. Is it possible to connect to home assistant without using a portnr?

Or does someone have another solution (other than Home Assistant Cloud).

If you have https://yourdomain.duckdns.org you don’t need to specify the port 443. 443 is the default port for https.

I think this doesn’t work because I’ve another webserver on :80

Take a look at the addon Nginx Proxy Manager.

You can set it up so that is listening on port 443 (or 80 if you want unencrypted access) and internally routes the request based on the subdomain. So for instance ha.<your duckdns id>.duckdns.org could be internally routed to port 8123 of your machine running HA while <your duckdns id>.duckdns.org could be routed to the webserver you currently have listening on port 80. It also has a lot of other bonuses like making it dirt simple to set up HTTPS using a letsencrypt certificate at each subdomain you use and automatically re-routing HTTP traffic to HTTPS

To make this work you would have to stop forwarding port 80/443 on your router to your current web server and start forwarding it to the computer running the proxy manager so it could then route requests to either your webserver or HA. If that’s not acceptable to you then you can do the same thing in your current webserver if its running Nginx or something you’ll just have to set it up manually. Or you’ll have to set HA to be listening on a different port then your current webserver and forward that port from your router to HA.

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Thx. Exactly the thing I was looking for!