Ezviz integration aborts due to unexpected error

I have tried unsuccessfully to configure a new integration between Home Assistant and Ezviz cameras. After entering username and password a get an error message about the app aborting due to an unexpected error, with the same result through the browser based HA GUI and the Android app.

I’m looking for ideas about what to do. Also I’m wondering if the indicated ezviz integration url is correct. the login window indicates apiieu.ezvizlife.com as the url. My location is Western Canada.

One troubleshooting check I have done is to establish the Ezviz service in IFTTT - this works correctly.

I am having same issue in the UK too.
Unsure how to see more detail of why it errors, log not very useful
2021-08-09 12:48:15 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.ezviz.config_flow] Unexpected exception

Just after posting that i found another thread.
ezviz-integration-unexpected-error 309853

This suggests turning off MFA. I did this and it connected straight away. Just not sure in 2021 I want a camera connection without MFA. (Very public news breaches all over Security Camera space)

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Thanks, bighead85. Turning off MFA did the trick, but is not ideal. Maybe somebody in the developer community could figure out how to get a Home Assistant installation to be a trusted device for EZVIZ.

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