Facebook graphics do not work for known_devices.yaml picture

Hello, facebook has a mechanism to retrieve the url for the image of a user’s profile picture based on their facebook ID


However, the image does not seem to be working in HASS

Works fine on dev.

  name: 000000000001
  mac: 00:00:00:00:00:01
  picture: http://graph.facebook.com/9269711759/picture?type=normal
  track: yes
  hide_if_away: no

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Thank you Fabian

I think my issue was a failure in RTFM. I also added a gravatar email address for each user and, if I’m reading this correctly, it looks like the gravatar invalidates the picture tag.

I also found it beneficial to have the user’s email address assigned to the user, perhaps additional contact information or a URL can be added to the users?

In any case, I haven’t tested removing the gravatar tag yet but I’m sure that’s my issue.

If you think it makes sense, then perhaps this should be a feature request instead of a bug report?

Thanks for the support and assist!


I do have the problem with hass 0.35.2 with the graph facebook API.

The picture showing up in the frontend is blank. Here’s my known_devices:
hide_if_away: false
mac: 34:8A:7B:xx:xx:xx
name: Etienne
picture: http://graph.facebook.com/xxxxxxxxx/picture?type=normal
track: true

Any hint on what could cause the problem?


dose this still work ?


i only get a plane picture

No, because :

Querying a User ID (UID) now requires an access token. Refer to the requirements table to determine which token type to include in UID-based requests.

from Graph API Reference v19.0: User Picture - Documentation - Meta for Developers

Maybe someone can make a API request , and get data ?

Check this topic : Use Facebook Profile Image for Persons with new API