Fail to enable remote Access with DuckDNS

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can you log in using the ip address instead of “hassio.local…”?

I think I know what the problem is!

I have an ISP modem/router that i connect my netgear router to.

I was port forwarding my own netgear router, i need to port forward the ISP modem/router, right?

the problem is i don’t have password for the ISP modem and they don’t want to give it to me.

Is there a solution or a workaround option to this?

Does the modem have a bridging mode?

Hi, I’m trying to help a friend to set ports on fritzbox as the image, i.e. 8123 to 8123, external desired 443 but external assigned 8123, I have the same settings and I can access with duckdns and also have alexa integration with haaska working, with his router (fritzbox 7590) he can’t set the external assigned port to 8123,the router set 443 and the field is not editable, how can he solve? I have 7.01 firmware but he has 7.12

443-8123 is what you want.

I have no problems because my settings are the same as the image, my friend can’t edit the lower fields, the router set always 443 but for alexa integration to work he needs 8123 external assigned, I don’t remeber hiw I managed to have those settings so we were wondering if it could be a firmware modem problem

I use a 7590 with that exact firmware and I assure you it’s not that.

Unless his ISP has locked the fritzbox down.

after two days of trying a lot of probabilities, finally i have remote access from cellular network, and that’s the problem, because that is the only access i have from the application on my phones, if i change to wifi i lose connction or i have to browse the “httpS://my.ip.address:8123” to access.
this is my router configuration after port forwarging.

best regards.

So your router won’t let you connect from ? Which router is it? Does it support NAT loopback / hairpin NAT?

hey David,

yes it supports that it a Netis DL4323D,
it worked once this morning i was testing, but after a reboot to make sure that everythings is ok i lost it.

Set up your lan’s DNS server to set to

Hi David, when I try to create qualifications in my 7590 unfortunately I don’t know why but I think it doesn’t work properly.!

The Hassio configuration is the correct internal 8123 external door 8123
But when I create the https server configuration with internal port 8123 and external port 443 he still takes 8123

Same router, same problem.

There are at least two routers mentioned in this thread. Which one do you have? What precisely is your difficulty.

same router and same problem of @39domotica

For heaven’s sake read this and post a proper question How to help us help you - or How to ask a good question

@39domotica’s post doesn’t even make sense, please make sure your next one does :slight_smile:

on my fritz! box 7590, if I set the portforward of 2 different external ports (443 and 8123) on the internal port 8123, only one of the two redirections works (the first one I set).
I hope I explained myself

You don’t need two ports, I only use the 443
See : DuckDNS - It's not just me - it's you! specifically post 23

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