Failed setup, will retry. - ON 126 DEVICES!

I am experiencing this error on many of my integrations as follows:
Bluetooth, Govee, Meross, Reolink IP / NVR camera, TP-Link Smart Home, Tuya, UPnP/IGD and WLED. This is ridiculous. This problem covers 126 devices, mostly on TP-Link and Tuya. Why is HA bombing out on these when Alexa has no problems? How long does Home Assistant think people will put up with this before looking for alternatives?

As long as 99,9999 % of the HA users don’t have this problem ?

Maybe show your logs, so we can help you figuring what is wrong with your installation.


Did it boot in safe mode where most things are disabled due to a configuration error or something?
Are you running a PI with an SDcard and the SDcard went bad?
Is there a custom_integration that is causing the system to crash?
What happens when you restart or reboot?

We see it’s broken, I’m not happy, but we have no tools to help you Robert.


Let me fix your post: