"Failed to get add-on documentation, Unknown error, see supervisor logs"

New HAOS install: No Add-On Docs

So I have recently done a fresh install of HAOS on my thin client (Dell Wyse 5010) afer years on HA supervised. All went well, and still is for the most part I suppose. But the weird thing is that I can’t see any documentation in the add-on store.

I can install an add-on, configure it, see the logs, use it, etc. but when I click on the documentaiton tab the error shows:

Failed to get add-on documentation, Unknown error, see supervisor logs

It will also show a loading circle below that error message that never loads, and there is absolutely nothing in the supervisor logs that references this. A mild inconvenience I suppose as I can go to the GH page and read it there, but still.

Log diving and copious googling has not led to anything fruitful, as I haven’t been able to find anyone else with this problem. Happy to provide any info that might help debug this.

Did you by any chance either install it today or install the Core update that came out today? That’s apparently the source of the issue.

…As it happens I did install it today. From the proxmox .qcow2 release. So other people have been having this problem then?

Yes, including me.

Me as well.

same issue for me as well. happening for every addon. First time using the dumb/easy installation method. Family unit. I thought HassOS was supposed to avoid all this lol. All I did was install.

same here. issue seems related to latest version 2023.3.2, or maybe the supervisor update 2023.03.1

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For me the same. Update has been done today. Yesterday everything works great.

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same here. is there already a github issue open?


One more … VS Code shows error as well…

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Same here. I get error on all addons.

Any solution?

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Will be fixed in 2023.3.3 see: after Release 2023.3.2 · Issue #4178 · home-assistant/supervisor · GitHub

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I rolled back to 3.1 and it fixed it. 2023.3.2 won’t load add on documentation