Fan.set_percentage and lovelace-slider-entity-row

I have lovelace-slider-entity-row setup to control my fan (fan.ceiling_fan) but it defaults to off, low, medium and high as the options for the fan speeds which causes a warning in the log that states “Calling fan.turn_on with the speed argument is deprecated, use percentage or preset_mode instead”. This changed happened in 2021.3 per this entry.
I have updated slider-entity-row in HACS to slider-entity-row-17.0.1 but the slider still doesn’t use fan.set_percentage. I don’t see an attribute option for fan in the slider-entity-row page. Is there something that I can do so fan.set_percentage is used or to get that warning to stop showing in my log?

I am using a fan controlled by Bond bridge and it has the latest firmware of v2.15.8.1

Here are the settings found in the Developer Tools page for fan.ceiling_fan

  - 'off'
  - low
  - medium
  - high
preset_modes: []
speed: medium
percentage: 66
percentage_step: 33.333333333333336
preset_mode: null
friendly_name: Ceiling Fan
assumed_state: true
supported_features: 1

the only thing you can do is to wait for the author of the plugin to update the code to the new system of control.

unless you know how to change the code of the plugin to make it work.

My (hopeless) hope is that the devs would make fans able to use either the speed selection or the percentage selection. But I really doubt that will happen.

They did, it’s preset mode though :wink:


I haven’t had any time to try to work thru the changes fully but I thought there was info in another thread that said they tried to use the presets as speeds and the voice control system they used complained about it and they were still forced to use percents.

I could be remembering wrong tho.

So I guess I’ll hold judgement until I get time to fully test it.

I mean, you have to wait until all the changes roll out. Remember, we are at phase 1, and now it’s time to work out all the bugs. If no one reports the issues, how is anyone going to fix it unless they use it?

I don’t know what I did between yesterday and today to get the fan speeds to show as percentages but now they are displaying correctly and I am not getting the error in the log anymore.

((Sorry, petro. Mistakenly replied to you. This was intended as a general post.))

Is there a discussion somewhere on the thinking behind deprecating speed as a service call? As best I can determine using “speed” with “high”, “medium”, or “low” is the cleanest way to have absolute (rather than relative) control of a Sonoff iFan03. (speed is still the top suggested call in Node Red for the fan domain.) Calls for preset mode fail. iFan03 has no idea what to do with that.

speed_list: off, low, medium, high
speed: low
percentage: 33
percentage_step: 33.333333333333336
preset_mode: null
friendly_name: Tasmota Fan
supported_features: 1

see the thread here for the discussion of using the iFan03 with the new fan control modes:

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I’ve requested that the old speed list options should be kept and I’ve had a suggestion from a dev that if a FR gets enough votes they would implement it.

Here is the FR. Please go there and vote it up.