🔹 favicon - Change the favicon or title of your Home Assistant interface

From time to time people ask how to change the favicon of their Home Assistant browser tabs.

Now there’s an easy way!


Wow! Thanks man!

There’s now support for changing titles and favicons from the configuration panel!


Hey @thomasloven, thanks for another great plugin.

Is it possible to change icon on Android when using the Chrome ‘Add to Homescreen’ option?

It it in release 3. I’ll try to add that feature back next week.

Do you think it is possible to add the number of unread notifications (persistent ones) and/or alerts to be displayed in the favicon?

Or just the possibility to add numbers to the favicon dynamically, so it can be automated.
like this:

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@thomasloven Is this platform specific?, favicon doesn’t show up under integrations in Hassbian.


Isn’t that a bit heavy on the browser though? It counts the number of persistent notifications every second.
It’d very much like to have something that is not polling the notifications but it is getting notified about them.

Though this could probably may only be solved by modifying the frontend heavily?

Thanks @thomasloven i have got it working but noticed that the colour of the icon changes back to blue after about 5 secsond of refreshing the page.

Found out it was the custom-cards/favicon-counter that was putting it back so i have now disabled favicon-counter.

Hi Thomas,

I’ve succesfully installed your favicon now on 2 instances, but the 3d won’t work. I believe it is because Custom Header is on that instance, and Ive posted about that hijacking the Lovelace title here:

Would there be any chance you could change anything so it won’t interfere with CH.

Coming to think of it, since your tool and CH both have to do with the header an title representation of HA, maybe you could join forces with @mayker and bring things together in 1 tool?

anyways, hope you can have a look, thanks!

I’m unsure why they would need to work together. Custom Header doesn’t do anything with the favicon or title of the Home Assistant window and from what I can see, this does nothing with the title of the header. As far as Custom Header using the Lovelace config’s title: I’ve responded to it here and here.

so am I, its only that Ive established that to be the case… my outlined steps in What is overriding my Homeassistant title Home Assistant? - #5 by Mariusthvdb made it work though.

I’ll look into it more, but after installing this it changes my title just fine with or without Custom Header. I am, however, unable to get the favicon working with or without Custom Header.

well, yes that was my experience, until I completely removed CH from the HA config (so both ui-configuration.yaml and the resources.yaml)

also, and I overlooked that, you need the exact icon names (favicon.icon and favicon-apple-xxx.png)

after that Favicon installed just fine, and I could enable CH again.

On my 2 other systems without CH, installing Favicon went smoothly…
Let me know if I can help to debug/test what you will find out.

Using a completely fresh install for each test with correctly named favicon:

  • Install Custom Header add config for it, install hass-favicon and config: Everything works fine, favicon doesn’t update
  • Without Custom Header: Everything works fine, favicon doesn’t update

If I think of anything, I’ll let you know

I’ve just released a new version of hass-favicon, which should make it work much more reliably with the icon and title changes.

the icons changes but the new title appears for a moment and then it is overwritten with Home Assistan. Can you help me?

Same here, I hope for a fix soon

Same here! :frowning: