Feature request: more information from Syncthing integration

I’d like to have some information about devices and folders from Syncthing in Home Assistant.

Use case: I want to set up a notification if a device hasn’t been active for a while or when a folder has a certain size.

When looking at the source code, I see the folders are already available as an attribute, but not as a sensor. If someone can help me with changing this to real sensors, please let me know. While I have no experience with developing in HA (and no Python experience, but with JS/PHP) I’m happy to learn.

I support that.

The documentation for the Syncthing integration is available here: Syncthing - Home Assistant

Current state of information available via the integration:

  1. syncing folders
    • :white_check_mark: There is already one sensor per syncing folder available with a lot attributes.

    • :zap: additional attributes or sensor might be useful like: last scan time

  2. :zap: Device statistics are not available yet. Things like: uptime, version, identification, total files, folders, disk usage, #synced folders, #remote devices
  3. :zap: Remote Devices are not available yet.
    • Here especially last seen or sync status are quite interesting for automations i.e. to report devices which were not available for long time.

In 2020 @Moonbase59 already made a great tutorial for lot’s of the information via yaml based REST calls.
Nevertheless since the there is already a Syncthing integration available and this feature request there here also existed, I wanted to summarize the current state and different solutions here alltogether.

Maybe it helps to see more people supporting this by voting for it or eventually somebody files a pull request.

Additional Resources:

I see there are many attributes implemented (homeassistant/components/syncthing/sensor.py:54), but not as a sensor.

As I said, I have no experience with Python, but I’m willing to try to implement additional features.

How would the perfect implementation look like? Are Folders and Remote Devices both Devices?