Feedreader use more than one feed title


I’m using Feedreader to send a message to a telegram bot. Similar to this topic

Feedreader: variables in Notification Message - Configuration - Home Assistant Community (home-assistant.io)

This works pretty great. Now I would like to send more than one feed title when the automation gets triggered. For example:
Scan interval is set to 30mins, so it’s possible that more than one new feed entry is available.

So can I use something similar to the following data, but accessing all entrys (max_entries) ?

service: notify.telegram
  message: "{{ trigger.event.data.title }}"

Okay I got around this issue with installing pyscript and creating a custom python script, which runs as a serverice every 20 minutes, checks the feed and read every entry which is not older than 20 minutes. Then it sends every entry to my telegram bot. Works good so far. However it would be nice to have a bit more customization available on the feedreader addon :slight_smile: