Feit Electric integration

I’m relatively new to Home Assistant and all the smart devices backends, so please forgive the ignorance of my question, but why isn’t there an integration for connecting with Feit Electric devices (light bulbs, outlets, etc) that doesn’t require reprogramming them? I know they are all Tuya based, but the ability to be able to reprogram them seems to change often. I got a set of bulbs that appear to have a newer firmware again that Tua-convert can’t seem to get around.

Is there a reason a direct integration can’t be made? Or what would I need to make one?

Because nobody has developed that?

This is a community (aka volunteer) project. People add support for what interests them.

Adding support would require that their cloud service has a published API (or at least that you can reverse engineer it) that you can work with. Everything else is explained on the HA developer site.

I understand the obvious “just hasn’t been done yet” and being community-based. I just saw the large number of posts about attempting to reprogram Feit products and was wondering if there was some other reason.

TuyaConvert is super easy to flash a lot of these types of devices without opening them.
I have a Raspberry Pi that I don’t know what to do with who’s sole function in life now is to run TuyaConvert.
Once you follow the simple steps it’s a one stop shop for converting these things, and if you don’t like Tasmota and MQTT I’ve recently found a database of ESPHome firmware for tons of Tuya devices.
I’ll be converting mine over the holidays to move towards banishing MQTT.

I have tried using Tuya Convert and either I’m doing it wrong, or Tuya has released a new firmware version that prevents it from working again. I see the AP up, connect to it with my laptop, put the bulb in to pairing (rapid flashing) and hit Enter on the script. It sends the packets, and the bulb stops flashing, but the script doesn’t seem to notice the bulb. I do see a 404 response in the web log for a vpn list text file.

Oh bummer that’s my fear, I have a dimmer on order that i fear has a newer firmware that TuyaConvert doesn’t work with, it’s on the list I believe but I know it’s a cat and mouse game. But at any rate, can you use the Tuya platform in Home Assistant to pull in your products? I haven’t tried but I’m pretty sure the accounts are the same as far as using Tuya’s backend service.
I saw something came out for Tuya local support too recently so you could get that working then block the devices from reaching the internet on your router if you’re concerned about spying.

I haven’t tried the tuya-local yet, one of the TLDR while getting ready for work when I saw how many steps there were. Going to try to work on that tonight. I really hope I can find something. Costco has some really good deals on Feit products right now, got 2 RGBW wifi bulbs for $10 and 2 wifi dimmer switches for $20.

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Darn that is a good deal, I should have checked there before I bought my dimmer on Amazon. I haven’t been into Costco or even shopped on their site since the Pandemic hit… No excuse for not shopping on their site…

I bought two Feit bulbs today at Costco and attempted to do the Tuya conversion. Unfortunately the new bulbs have the markers on the base as mentioned here. I attempted the update but it failed. Let me know if anyone knows of a work-around for “device come with an incompatible WB2L module”.

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I hadn’t seen about the WB2L module, so helps if I get any more. I was able to get the bulbs to link in HA using LocalTuya, but that still requires keeps the bulbs linked with something like the Tuya Smart App. I tried removing the bulb from Tuya after it was in HA and it disappeared immediately from HA as well. This isn’t the ideal setup since it still ties the bulbs to some outside group and you have to create an account with Tuya, but will work as a workaround for now until something better works.

Here is the localtuya page that I used:

As well as good instructions for getting the device information you need.

I got the tuyapi/cli tool installed to my proxmox box and the first thing it asks is:
The API key from tuya.com:

I’ve already made an account and finished all the steps but not sure which key they’re looking for. Tried the one under Project -> only project there -> Access ID/Client ID, then the secret, then a device Virtual ID from the app that I already successfully linked

For those adverse to flashing firmware, You can use “Assistant Relay” to control Feit Electric devices that have been integrated with a Google Assistant. You are limited to control commands like “turn on the garage light” or “set the entry light to blue.” I know it isn’t the same as full lightbulb status/control that you have in Home Assistant, but it is something.

Link: https://github.com/Apipa169/Assistant-Relay-for-Hassio

Just providing another data point. I’ve also been unable to flash Tasmota to my Feit WiFi bulbs. Note I’ve successfully used tuya-convert on 4 Gosund outlets, so I’m somewhat familiar with the overall process.

I purchased a pair of Feit BPA800/RGBW/AG/2 from Costco on sale for $5/each. Date code printed on them 228-20-52 (manufactured the last week of 2020?). Straight out of the packaging, never connected to the Feit app, I was not able to flash it using tuya-convert.

The smarthack-wifi.log shows the a device with TUYA MAC 84:e3:42:xx:xx:xx connecting sometimes, but no further other useful info in the other logs. Part of the problem is the confusing device reset process. There’s a slow blink mode and a fast blink mode triggered by what seems to be either the 1sec on/off cycle 3x or 6x. Feit’s official reset process says 3x.

I’ll likely try the Tuya app just to get it working and integrated with HA.

I ran into the same thing, and found related information where if the ID in smarthacks-psk.log starts with 02, that indicates a newer form of security that has yet to be overcome by the tuya-convert project:

Looks like the thing that needs to be overcome is how to generate the proper PSK response required by the bulb.

This is what I get when I toss in the access ID/Client ID and Secret I get from the developer tuya website:

A lot of devices I’ve been cracking open have the new WR3L chip…
Perhaps the rein of TuyaConvert is over…

I haven’t got the Feit bulbs in HA yet, but I did find a way to get the local key for devices we have already in our app - and already connected to a developer account on the iot.tuya.com website. Mouse over “Cloud” on the left, then select “API Explorer”. After setting the Data Center to my country, the “get device details” option let me toss in the device ID (easy to get, app or on dev website) and it pulls the local key from the device. It’s several lines into a dump you get, but it’s there.

Hopefully I can pair the Feit bulbs with the Smart Life app (always was a fail previously)… then I can just do this same thing to get the local key and then use LocalTuya integration for those too. I’ll post if successful

I just spent two days trying to get Tuya Convert to work on my Feit color light bulbs purchased from Costco as well as another set from Amazon. I was only able to get the two from Costco loaded with Tuya Convert, the other two just would not work at all! For the other two I could not get the RGB part to work! I was able to match my exact bulbs with the exact recommended template but it just did not work with changing options etc. In fact, I tried templates (no programming experience) from other Feit color bulbs with no success. Mine were from older dates and had never been connected to the Feit app and always used with Tuya integration. So as far as updated firmware I doubt that was the problem with mine. Feit is not fully compatible with Tuya in the first place and using something like Tuya convert may be a bigger challenge. So now I have two bulbs that don’t work anymore! At that point, I gave up and did not attempt to try it on my installed light dimmers! I figured I would quit before losing any more devices! I hope some smart person can create a Feit integration since Feit has become such a big player in home automation products!

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Just a heads up that this method still works: https://www.reddit.com/r/SmartThings/comments/jy2syi/feit_wifi_plugs_compatible/gevefsp/

When linking Feit lights through Tuya Smart integration, i personally chose to keep my lights within Feit app and not moving them. That way Google Home/Alexa still get full features of Feit + Feit app control and SmartThings able to see those automations (that are converted into Lights On/Off switches)

Oh snap, forgotten to add something that original poster didnt mention. Using same logic and SmartThings portal, you can create a new device, let’s call it “living room light” and set it as Simulated Switch. Then through ST Automation you can set rules:

  1. If “Living Room Light” switch is on, then set “Living Room Light:On” to On (this is automation copied from Feit and converted to Simulated Switch as per Redit post)
  2. If “Living Room Light” switch is Off, then set “Living Room Light:Off” to On (yes, ON, because you are turning automation to turn light off)

Not pretty but this way you can transfer your Feit Costco light bulbs into ST and have just 1 light tile/switch to control lights

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Well, what I ended up doing was using LocalTuya. Worked perfectly all Feit devices are now available locally.