FGS223 Only seeing 1 switch

Hi I have a SA413 USB stick Pi4 4gb ram running the latest Home assistant
Cleared all my Zwave devices from my stick and started adding devices Fibaro detectors Fibaro Dimmers, various other manufacturers dimmers and pirs all learn on properly, I have 3 FGS223’s that seem to have an issue, I have learnt 2 on but can only control 1 relay and see 1 relay. I added it as a secure node. I’m loathe to add the other one as it controls 2 things and a pig to get too so, would like it right 1st. Any help appreciated. I have read stuff but nothing seems conclusive


I had a similar issue with the same Fibaro Device, maybe this can help you : Missing entities for a Fibaro Switch, but the others are ok