FHEM Tablet UI porting to Home Assistant

I found a fantastic looking highly customizable dashboard and I wonder if this can be ported somehow towards Home Assistant. I do not have the right skills for it to make it happen. Is anyone interested and can have a look?

some links:
Project url: https://github.com/knowthelist/fhem-tablet-ui
FHEM-Wiki http://www.fhemwiki.de/wiki/FHEM_Tablet_UI
FAQ https://github.com/knowthelist/fhem-tablet-ui/wiki/FAQ
Live-Demo http://knowthelist.github.io/fhem/tablet/demo_widgets.htmlFHEM-Wiki

Some images:

You are aware of HAdashboard?


I have seen that, but if you take a look and compare the number of widgets for example Hadashboard supports 8 widgets vs 35+ which are in FHEM. That makes it really interesting and I wonder if it could improve Hadashboard or could be ported.

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