FIAT 500e (UConnect)

Hi, The add on worked fine with the Fiat 500e. Now we have the Fiat 600e and I got always this fault.
Error connecting to Result: BadGateway
Any idea?
Thx for helping alpha

is there any entity to advise if the engine is on or off?
I would like to write an automation that open the gate when I turn on my wife Jeep.

For my 500e there’s sensor.zfaxxxxxxxxxxxx_evinfo_ignitionstatus.
Suggest you just search the FiatUConnect entity list for your car for anything comparable.

Though data latency might make your idea non-viable.

I use the Fiatchamp addon standalone. I’d like to upgrade to the newer addon Fiatuconnect one but is that one also able to run standalone as I don’t run the supervisor version of HA but a container version?

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Is anyone still actively working on this integration or any of its forks?

I’m using the original FiatChamp for my RAM (I dont believe FiatUConnect supports RAM?)

In the FiatClient.cs file the _authApiKey and _authUrl are set to “UNKNOWN”. I have grabbed them

  _authApiKey = "fNQO6NjR1N6W0E5A6sTzR3YY4JGbuPv48Nj9aZci";
  _authUrl = "";

I would LOVE to get these commands working, but i’m not sure if anyone is still updating these repos/packages?

I tried forking this into my own repo, have made the changes, but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to publish my own docker image/package.

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I have successfully forked the repo, published a package/image and installed it in my instance. Confirmed working with the ability to lock/unlock car doors now. :slight_smile:

It would be nice if we could get this change implemented in these repos that other HA users leverage.

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