Fibaro Dimmer 2 (FGD-212) Absolutely frustrated -- Anyone using one that can help me out?

So I got a Fibaro Dimmer 2 (model is FGD-212) and it’s all wired up. At first it acted like it was working from the switch, but now I’m just not sure what’s going on. I’m 99% positive I’ve got it wired correctly, and that’s the assumption the rest of this is based on.

I have it included with my Z-Wave network, and I can see all the entities within hass. All I want from this thing is a simple on/off, no dimming desired. It’s installed on my kitchen lights, which currently have 5 CFL’s. I’m heading out soon to grab a few things, and I’m going to replace the CFL’s with something else to see if that helps. But when I flip the wall switch, the lights flicker on bright, then go back off. That’s it.

I’m not so worried about getting the hass side of things straightened out right now, because I’m sure that I can figure that out. But what I need is for it to work at the wall switch. The documentation lists several parameters for adjustment, but the parameter numbers in the doc versus what’s listed in ozwcp are different so I’m not sure which is for what.

Any help or guidance is appreciated.

You need to change the parameters of the zwave device. I believe by default it expects a momentary switch to be connected. Make sure you check the manual of the dimmer which variable you need to change to what. You will have to do this via the open zwave interface.

I appreciate the response, @Tyfoon.

I did spend some time looking through the Fibaro pdf, as well as the fgd212.xml config that ships with openzwave. The Parameter ID’s do not much up between the two, so I had to go through the xml config to actually find what I wanted.

However, I have some new confusion. The fgd212.xml file shows about 50 parameters. Only about 6 of those are actually available to me within ozwcp. Why is this?

I was able to disable the dimmer function and make it just an on/off switch, which was a huge step in the direction I want. However, parameter #20 (from the xml file) is not available to me, and is the one I need to change. It defaults to 0, which is for a momentary press button. Setting it to 1 tells the dimmer it’s connected to a toggle switch, which is what I have. I can’t figure out why I’m not seeing that parameter. :frowning:

Finally realized why all those parameters weren’t loading.

This Dimmer 2 was showing up as id=2000, whereas the Open Z-Wave manufacturer list only had id=1000, id=3000, and id=4000. No idea what the different is between the 4, but by updating my local copy and re-adding the dimmer, it’s showing with all the parameters now (and I was able to toggle the parameter I needed since I’m using a toggle wall switch). Got everything working like I expected…at least so far.

Will be creating a PR with openzwave to get that change put in.

Hi, did you get the dimmer to work with HA?

I’ve been trying for some time now and I cant get it to work.

Could you possibly post some of your config?

I posted a thread here explaining some of my issues.