Fibaro motion sensor stuck in 'on' state

I have 4 fibaro motion sensors installed, however two of them seem to be stuck in binary ‘on’ state for no obvious reason. I even turned them to the wall to eleminate the possibility of something actually moving in the rooms.

I also removed one of the stuck sensors from the network, did a factory reset, and re-added it with no success. At first it would be in the ‘off’ state, however it then returned to the stuck state (see screenshot from now, with no one beeing at home for at least 7 hours).

Are the sensors broken, or is this a z-wave/HA issue?

Did you ever solve this? I’m seeing the same thing, except with the burglar alarm. Did you add the motion sensor as a secure node?

Did you ever solve this? I’m seeing the same thing, except with the burglar alarm. Did you add the motion sensor as a secure node?

Nope, and for me also the burglar sensors are always stuck at value 8 (which indicates the same thing as binary_sensor ‘on’).

Since only 2 of my sensors are doing this, I will send them back and try to get a replacement which hopefully works.

I have not added them as secure nodes.

I checked the Z-wave alliance page, and it looks like Fibaro has Security V1 as part of the command class, which I think means that it is a secure node. However, I am seeing the same thing on a Zooz sensor, which doesn’t have the Security V1 in the command class. What version and install are you on? I’m a manual install on 64.2

I’m on manual install and just recently updated from 0.64.x to 0.66.1 (seeing the issue on both versions).

And I assume it’s not a range issue for you? I have my sensor in the room as the controller, so it’s not an issue on my end (I think). Just trying to find the common link. Doesn’t seem like it’s a sensor problem, but rather an HA problem

Yes I agree, they even remain ‘on’ when you turn them to the wall and leave. Range should be no issue, its next door to the controller, and other z-wave devices farther away also have no issues.

BTW the problem with this beeing an HA issue is that I can find those:

I already followed the last one’s advice by removing and re-adding the node, however it did not help for me.

I factory reset my Zooz sensor, then re-added it to HA as a secure node, decreased the sensitivity from 12 to 25 then tapped the B Button to wake the sensor. I’m cautiously optimistic that this has solved my issue, as it has stopped reporting motion continuously and is operating as intended. I haven’t placed it back in the mount yet, as I want to wait to see how it performs over the next few days to see if it continues to operate appropriately or goes back to reporting continously

Hi, I had exactly the same issue with Fibaro motion sensor, had it replaced multiple times. Finally I resolved the always “on” motion issue by assigning the following association group (4 - Motion BC) of Fibaro motion sensor to the Z-Wave Controller (according to this: Fibaro Motion Sesnor (FGMS-001) - my findings):

Now my Fibaro motion sensor works flawlessly. One can also omit this association and use the burglar alarm value of ‘8’. It should work as advertised. Otherwise check zwave range from motion sensor -> Zwave controller (check Fibaro manual for range test):

Actually, resetting devices and re-adding them to the network will at some point succeed and yield working sensors. I just had to repeat this process a couple of times, now my sensors seem to work, lets see for how long.


I also have the problem with a stuck Fibaro motion sensor. The strange thing is that it works as expected for a couple of hours and then it gets stuck for a few hours. Was that also what you observed? I already resetted it a couple of times.

Yep. I actually also had one of the sensors replaced, and did not experience any of those issues since (which now is more than 1 year ago).

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