Fibaro Motion Sesnor (FGMS-001) - my findings

Hey everyone,

Since this device is not trivial to setup/understand, I thought I’d document my findings for posterity’s sake. Would be great if others can join and share their experience and wisdom.

Note: all of this refers to the “new” device (firmware 3.2 and above, Z-Wave+ Gen 5)

It took some hassle to get this to work right. Immediately after the inclusion all of the entities were there, but after restarting HASS they were gone, and only the binary sensor was there. After that, it was a hit and miss, and after about a day it settled down. Don’t really know what fixed it - I went through lots of restarts, exclusions and inclusions, etc…
Additionally, some of the sensors (e.g. Alarm Type) did not have a prefix (was simply named sensor.alarm_type), and I had to edit in the entity registry.

Association Groups:
The device has 5 association groups:

  1. Lifeline
  2. Motion
  3. Tamper
  4. Motion (Backwards Compatible)
  5. Tamper (Backwards Compatible)

Your controller should always be associated with group 1. Groups 4 & 5 are for backwards compatibility with non z-wave+ devices, and they seem to control the binary sensor. If you want the binary sensor to be on when there’s motion, the controller should be associated with group 4, if tampering should turn it on, group 5, and if either, then both groups.
I’m not sure what association groups 2 & 3 do.

The following sensors were created:

  • A binary sensor (with the suffix _sensor_sensor). As mentioned above, it turns on when there’s motion, tampering, or either, probably depending on the 4th and 5th association groups. It also seems more reliable when it comes to cancelation frames than the burglar sensor (see below).
  • Alarm sensor (alarm_type and alarm_level). I’m not sure what these do and haven’t seen them turn on. Perhaps this is related to association groups 2 & 3.
  • SourceNodeId sensor. No idea what this does. Like the alarm sensors, it seems to always be at zero.
  • General sensor. No idea what this does either. Seems to be at 255 on vibration, and 0 otherwise.
  • Burglar sensor. I’ve seen it at 3 (tamper, i.e. vibration), 8 (motion), and 255 (Case open), as mentioned in the docs. If you want individual binary sensors for the different states, you can define template binary sensors that check for the relevant state. This sensor seems less reliable with cancelations (i.e. stays on for too long) than the binary sensor.
  • Luminance and Temperature sensors. These are self explanatory and work as expected.
  • Seismic Intensity sensor. By default the device does not report this. If you change configuration parameter 24 to the value 1, then this sensor would work as expected (scale seems to be 1 to 10).

That’s all I have. Would love to hear other people’s experiences.

Don’t know how, but I now see an additional sensor:

  • Direction. It’s always on 1.0. I suspect that changing config parameter 24 to 2 would cause this to start reporting values.

Hi. iam running hassio 0.71.0. Have installed Z-stick gen5 and Fibaro Motion Sesnor (FGMS-001).
The sensor are showing up in hassio. but the status of the FGMS-001 is showing as “Sleeping” any idea y ?

It’s a battery operated devices, so I believe sleeping is a valid status and doesn’t necessarily represent a problem.

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Thanks. How do you change the config parameter of the sensor? Do it have any z-wave gui? Iam using hassio

In the Z-Wave section of the configuration tab (click on the hamburger icon on the top left)

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You’ll find the Z-Wave documentation here, including the control panel. As it warns in there:

Battery powered devices need to be awake before you can use the Z-Wave control panel to update their settings. How to wake your device is device specific, and some devices will stay awake for only a couple of seconds. Please refer to the manual of your device for more details.

Thanks… everything is working fine now… The only thing is that the motion sensor do not detect movement till iam around 3 meter away from it. Is that normal, i did read the specs and the Detection range was around 7 meters.

any suggestion?