Fibaro Roller Shutter 3 (FGR-223) Lamellas Position "Venetian Blind Tilt Position" is not working

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Hello Home Assistant Community!

I have a problem with the setting of the Fibaro Roller Shutter 3 and my blinds, I have no possibility to control the tilting of the slats, to open or close them. The manually control over wall switch is working fine. The manual control via the wall switch works perfectly. The Home Assistant shows me under "cover.fibaro_system_fgr223_roller_shutter_controller_3_level" the current position for the UP/DOWN, which I can control.
The entity "cover.fibaro_system_fgr223_roller_shutter_shutter_controller_3_switch" has no function.


Raspberry Pi 3 B+
Aeotec Zwave W090 Z-Stick Gen5 EU
Fibaro Roller Shutter 3 (FGR-223)
Switch for Roller Shutter Merten 3715 with mechanical reverse lock-out and electrical interlock.
Raspbian GNU/Linux 9 (stretch) with docker-compose version 1.23.2
Home Assistant 0.87.0 and python_version 3.6.6

Settings for Roller Shutter over Z-Wave Management Panel:
[20] Switch type set to [1] toggle switches.
[151] Operating mode set to [2] Venetian blind (with positioning).
[153] Set slats back to previous position set to [0] slats return to previously set position only in case of the main controller operation.
And then [150] Force calibration set to [2] force device calibration.

In the file fgr223.xml under /usr/local/lib/python3.6/site-packages/python_openzwave/ozw_config/fibaro/ (inside the docker container) is the Tilt and Slat Position defined.

zwcfg_0xddddddb9.xml (30,0 KB)
OZW_Log.txt.xml (94,3 KB)

The roller shutter 2 had non-standard support for venetian blinds, and OZW (and hence HA) did not support it. Not sure about RS 3, but very possible that’s still the case.
If you look around in the forum you’ll see some people who’ve tried to solve it through code changes to both OZW and HA. Not sure if they managed to get it to work.

Personally I’m using the Qubino shutter model, which exposes two separate entities - one for up/down and one for tilt.

you mean this one Qubino ZMNHCD1? This will be my third shutter, which I install. Homematic too thick, Fibaro does not work :sob:

That’s the one. Fibaro modules seem to have more features than Qubino, but when it comes to Venetian blinds, they seem to be behind.

Hi any updates on this? as discuessed here RS3 should have the capabilities on opening/closing slats.

Did anyone find a solution? I’m missing some of the channels of the Fibaro Roller Shutter 3 in the entities list and would be really happy if someone of you found a workaround …

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Does anyone know of a solution for lamella tilt control with FGR223 ?
Thanks guys!

Now this may work with new ozw 1.6

Did anyone try it with new OpenZWave integration? Would like some confirmation (or at least a lead), before I migrate everything over.

The cover entity in the new integration was just recently developed, and I don’t think it was released in any version yet, not even beta.

I have 4x FGR222 Modules (the v2 Shutter) and they work really good with Homee System. I like to migrate to Home Assistant but i am afraid the integration is the problem. Tilting and Automation in Homee works without any problems most times.