Find out which sensor triggered the alarm and put its name in the notification

Hello @ all,

well, another day - another problem…

I was searching the forums and google for this and found plenty of “howto’s”, but to be honest: I didn’t understand and it brought me not a single step further.

If an alarm gets triggered, I want Home Assistant to tell me in a TTS as well as in a notify.notify which sensor exactly has triggered the alarm. I was not able to set this up, as all of the threads lost me somewhere on the way, missing steps, missing explainations, missing links or other things… Is here someone who can explain for a dummy like I am, step by step, what to do to get this setup ?

Your help would be really appreciated !

The easiest way would be to use this:

It is set up via a GUI and will tell you what sensors tripped the alarm. It works very well.

We had this a few days ago: