Finding offline key using August integration for use with the Yale Access Bluetooth integration?

Hi guys, here is my testimony since I just finished the entire process…

I only have one August Lock, which I used to operate via WIFI/Cloud. I set up an ESP32 BT Proxy (ridiculously easy) and the Bluetooth found the YALE BT integration in milliseconds after I completed the BT → HA integration. Then it asked for the OFFLINE KEY, and I became very confused about it. I searched on Google and ended up here. All I did was reboot all HA instances, and the YALE BT integration worked 100% fine without asking for the OFFLINE KEY. Maybe it searched somewhere for the files (I don’t know haha) and now it’s working.

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I have been struggling for a few hours now and here is my solution:

To get the offline key, enable debug logging on Yale Access Bluetooth integration, download the log, and then search for “Offlinekey”. The slot number may vary. My slot number happens to be 1. The log should tell you the slot number.

I hope this is helpful!

For some reason HA has found the same one again and is asking for its key?

Sometimes these locks reject the key even though its correct. Try restarting. Let me know if thats fixes it. I need to add something to try 3 times before it really rejects the key because its hard to know if the lock is being flakey or its actually the wrong key.

Yep, restart and it seemed to sort itself out. Thanks.

I am using the bluettoth option and I am not able to get the offline key in iphone

please excuse my writing English is no my first language
ok guys i got it to work
here is what i did turn on auto unlock for two days
then add the august cloud integration with email instead of phone number
after few minutes restart ha then the Yale integration show up without asking for the keys
and its working fine
note. i have the Yale asure 2 with Bluetooth I don’t have any of the modules


Awesome, thanks, that did the trick. Was playing around all day, trying to get these tokens from the phone (without success). Once I’ve added August Cloud (not the Bluetooth integration) in HA, the Yale Assure Bluetooth integration didn’t ask for the tokens anymore.

I’m hoping someone can clarify this. Once you get the key and slot, do these change? I just didn’t want to have to worry about this suddenly breaking due to a key change. The lock I’m looking at is only BT.

Thanks in advance,

If you create another owner August (or which ever app is used in your country) account, sign into it on your device one time to get the key loaded, and than sign out, you can use that for HA and the key won’t change.

August app won’t let UK users register new devices.
Any ideas on a work around for this?
When registering an account it asks for a phone number with country code, so as far as I can tell this is the way they are identifying your location?

Also, if you hold down on the text “App Version ##.##.#” in the side bar in the August or Yale app a prompt comes up asking for a code… anyone figured out this password and whether it takes you to a page that might provide any useful info?

Create another account with whichever app is used in your country. It just needs to be another owner accounts

This worked for me. I only did the auto unlock once a couple hours before getting it working. I also have the Yale Assure 2 with no bridge or module (besides the built-in bluetooth). It failed to configure a few times in HA, but I’m pretty sure that was just due to poor bluetooth connection.

Thanks Kem!!

Thank you! This worked for me. I had Auto-Unlock on for a day, and tried to find the key in the iOS plist files. After I added the “August Home” integration the Yale integration added without asking for a key.

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Late to the party here, but assuming one has a Rooted Android device at their disposal, are there instructions somewhere on how to obtain the offline key?