Fingerbot/switchbot without bridge/hub?!

is there anything like these two compatible with home assistant?!


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thank you! i did check switchbot website only and i supposed it was required…

I suppose that is not a complete statement.

If you just want to control switchbots from HA, and if you have a way to communicate to switchbots via bluetooth, then no - a switchbot hub is not required.

Also you could even roll your own hub, if that is your thing.
Search switchbot here and you can find some users using an ESP32 (which has wifi and bluetooth) that bridges switchbot controls through MQTT. A fairly popular thread IIRC.

now you’re confusing me :D. i just want to use ha on a raspberry to open my garage door…

is it possible to achive that without adding one more bridge?! thanks

To gauge whether you need a new hub or not… let’s start from here:

  • What do you have in your smart home setup at the moment?
  • In which communication protocol?
  • Do you plan to just open / close the garage door? Or do you plan to know whether the door being opened / closed (or even opening / closing) also?
  • hassos on a raspberry 4
  • only press a button to open/close

If cloud being ok, then there should be tons of wifi-based options on Amazon (or whatever online stores in your local market). In US for example, a quick search would get you some ideas: Search: smart + garage
Best Smart Garage Door Opener Controller 2021 | Reviews by Wirecutter (

Examples for non-could options:

  1. OpenGarage would be one of those that are on wifi, no extra hub, and could run locally.
  2. Also search this forum, a couple of users here used Shelly 1 to achieve the same.
  3. Garage Door Opener for ESPHome | athom

Yes, you can use Switchbot to open your garage door without requiring a switchbot hub.

I have a Switchbot in use here with HA running on a Pi 4. I never could get it working using the Pi’s internal Bluetooth and just ended up using a USB Bluetooth dongle - in saying that, it could be a very simple thing, I never really bothered delving into it because I have several Bluetooth dongles lying around so it wasn’t worth my time.

Additionally, I did end up with the Bluetooth Dongle connected via a 1m USB extension as I found Zigbee was interfering with the Bluetooth on rare occasions, but simply putting both dongles onto USB extensions was enough to resolve my issues - so if you’ve got a Zigbee Stick in your Pi its something to be mindful of.

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perfect! i’ll go for switchbot… thanks

i can’t install switchbot integration, i get an error… are you using the official integration?! thanks

Yes I am @50494554524F - however, as I mentioned, I’m using a USB Bluetooth dongle - I never could get mine going with the Pi’s Bluetooth.

can you tell me how did you manage to install it!?

edit: hass integration seems buggy… i’m using the custom component from hacs and it’s working…

please provide link to custom component from hacs
can’t find it on google or anywhere

switchbot_press, installed using hacs…

Hey, Which bluetooth dongle stick did you use?
I tried the TP link dongle, i’m using NUC, and it’s not communicating with my switchbot bot at all…

Hi! Does anyone managed to connect fingerbot thorugh newly available Bluetooth integration of Home Assistant?


I am also curious that this might be possible!! I answered so I can be notified if anyone comes up with a solution.

I would also be interested in any news about FingerBot control using the HA BT integration…

How are peoples Switchbot speeds with the HA BT integration?