Fingerbot toggles but I want it to press and release

I have successfully connected my new Fingerbot using the Zigbee Home Assistant integration (ZHA). I wanted to consult its support but could not find its manufacturer listed as _TZ3210_j4pdtz9v in ZHA. The user manual above is the only source that I have.

I want to use it to mechanically control my air conditioning vents in the ducts. Sounds like an interesting use case, right? But …

In HA, the device displays only a slider that triggers a Fingerbot toggle (push and release in one). This is promising, but not what I need. I want it to push when the switch is ON. And release when I set the switch to OFF. ZHA does not show a battery indicator or else.

The manual shows a configuration screen that can be accessed via Bluetooth and Wifi. My device does not offer this because I have its Zigbee version without Bluetooth and Wifi.

So my general question to the community is

  1. is it possible to make ZHA send a parameter when I switch the device?
  2. if (1) yes, how does it work and what would that be?
  3. alternatively, is it possible to send a message (json or similar) to my Fingerbot telling it to reconfigure itself?
  4. if (3) yes, how does this work?
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i have the same device, and you can configure it with HA.
when you are on the device zigbee page in HA, clic on the tree dot in the bottom-right of the Device Information frame and choose “Manage the zigbee device”.
In this new window stay on “Cluster” tab and choose “TuyaFingerbotCluster” in the dropdown list.
In attribut dropdown list choose “Mode” and click on “read attribute” and replace Click by Switch in the value.
i found value in this github page : [Feature request]: Zigbee Fingerbot Additional Options · Issue #18011 · Koenkk/zigbee2mqtt · GitHub


Hey, I’m currently facing an issue with my Fingerbot device in Home Assistant with ZHA. I have the same device, and when I switch from using .click to .switch in my configuration, nothing seems to change. Pressing the button in Home Assistant or on the Fingerbot physically makes it go up and down, but it doesn’t hold the position.

Is there a way to make the Fingerbot stay pressed for 10 seconds when triggered?

Thank you for your assistance!


I have a similar issue.
I tinkered around a bit with the “TuyaFingerbotCluster” values as mentioned here, after having the Fingerbot initally set up and I’m quite sure it was working fine (at least reading values).

But now when coming back to this and trying it again it’s not giving me any values anymore!
When reading values I always get “none” for every attribute,
except for “mode”, there I get “0”.


I’m 99% sure that at least “mode” was giving back “Click” (or Switch, but certainly not a 0).
All other functions are working fine, I can control the bot and I get a battery value.

I have the feeling that this started since I moved the bot physically away from the HA host (Raspi) and introduced a ZigBee Repeater to be able to establish a connection again (distance), but I’m not sure about this and I’m not able to double-check this at the moment, since the bot is already located in it’s final destination and used productively.
But I ordered a second one to verify :slight_smile:

Did anyone else experience this or similar?