Firefox Quantum (beta v57) not allowing you to login

Has anyone else tried Firefox Quantum yet? It won’t let me login to my Home Assistant. Keeps telling me I’m entering the wrong password and I’m not. I can use other browsers on the same PC or Mac and can login fine. Any ideas? I have this problem with Firefox Quantum on both my PC and Mac.


Just upgraded to the final and having the same issue. Anyone find a fix for this?

All other browsers work fine, only Firefox is giving the invalid password.

FWIW, I am able to login to HA on Quantum.

So this appears to be an issue with LastPass + Firefox 57 + HA. Didn’t have this problem in previous version of Firefox. If I disable LastPass it works as expected. Trying to do some more digging now and see if there is a workaround.

EDIT: There doesn’t appear to be a workaround. :frowning: If I disable LastPass, log in with the remember me checked, then re-enable LastPass the page simply fails to load. It just sits at a blank white screen. Gah and I wanted to try to move back to Firefox too!

Can confirm with Quantum final, lastpass and home-assistant 0.57.1. I was logged in, then it suddenly all went to a blank screen. Had to clear cache/cookies then I could get the login screen, now it says password is wrong and I get the Login Attempt Failed note in HA.

I never did find a solution to this, and was using Chrome when I needed to access HA. I’m also using LastPass (beta for Firefox Quantum), and never thought to disable that. I will try that tonight. Very strange if it is lastpass causing this.

I’ve confirmed this is partially a Lastpass issue. When I disable the Lastpass plug in I’m able to sign into HA. When the plug in is enabled I’m not able to sign into HA, even if I type the password in manually.

According to the Lastpass forums, support for Firefox Quantum is a bit of a mess. However Lastpass is not preventing me from signing into other websites with the new Firefox, so I do wonder what HA is doing differently that is causing this.

I like Firefox Quantum so much that if Lastpass doesn’t get their plug in fixed, I might end up switching password managers.

@Paul_M - I had no issues signing into other sites either, only HA. So there has to be a combo of things going on here. Are you running behind Nginx by chance? @accyroy - what about you, are you behind Nginx? I am, though I wasn’t able to sign in to HA directly either so I don’t think that’s it. Just trying to eliminate variables.

I am suffering from this issue for several weeks now. I am using Firefox but not Quantum, an older one.
Also, my problem is not only at login. Even if I disable HA login, I just have a white page. Whether I refresh or clear the cache, I only get a blue banner on top of the page which disappears after a few seconds.
I’m on Kubunutu 17.10, Firefox 56, Homeassistant 57.3 and Lastpass But, as already said, I had this problem with older FF/HA/LP.

Same thing here. I can log in when I disable LastPass.

Same here. Last Pass issue…

Same here. Using Chrome for HA, Firefox for everything else. :frowning:

I’m also seeing this, same scenario: firefox quantum, HA .57.3, LastPass.

It was asked earlier about NGINX, I have it setup but can still access the server on the LAN around it. When using the outside SSL address, I get the white screen. When going direct to the server’s local IP, no SSL, I get the wrong password error. I copied/pasted the password from the config file, so I know it’s right.

I was having the same issue with Firefox Quantum and Lastpass. I can confirm that using the Lastpass Beta extension ( appears to resolve the issue, which suggests that it’s related to the new WebExtensions API.

(Edit: although the beta extension let me log in–I had been getting the authentication failure–reloading with the extension on resulted in the “white screen” that was mentioned earlier)

I’m not using LastPass, but have a strange issue with Quantum and HA.
Getting the login with a saved password -> Login failed.
After checking the saved password in Firefox settings, i get the one that i entered in Tradfri config.
After deleting the entry and new login with ‘Remember’ enabled, nothing gets stored. Have to always type the password to login.
Also settings in HA (Sidebar on, Theme) are lost after Firefox restart.

@ofuangka - installed the beta you linked and just get a white screen as you mentioned. I am still logged in, as disabling the extension show my dashboard normally.

I noticed that there’s a JS exception in the console:

TypeError: this._meta.byKey is not a function

After doing a few searches I found that there’s an issue open:

My guess is that the LastPass extension is monkey patching or otherwise clobbering something that Polymer has polyfilled.


I can confirm the issue is still there. The only way to access HA is disabling LastPass.

platform: Win 10 / Ubuntu
Browser: Firefox 58.0 beta 7
Lastpass: Lastpass 4.2.1


I too can confirm issue is still here, will try to reinstall lastpass and see what happens

For anybody hitting this issue, but not using LastPass… check Ghostery. The latest update that came out for Ghostery seems to have broken Home-Assistant. It just gets stuck on the loading page. Adding your URL as a trusted site in Ghostery will fix it.

While not exactly the same as whats described above… a search may lead others to this thread so I thought I’d share!